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Madness Combat 9.5 pt1

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First and foremost, I thank you for your patience, and attention.

Holy smokes, big front page action for this cartoon. Glad it was well received.

Time and space are angular, jagged things. Hank, acting in their very nature, cuts like a knife through everything that moves out of tangent with them. Hank cuts and slashes their way through a sort of hell reserved for armies, showing no particular malice or disdain towards the destruction caused, acting as if following a script written on the very atomic structure of Nevada. During this phase hank encounters the clown, who (spoiler alert) died alongside them at the hands of Jebediah Christoff. The clown's manic shenanigans, however, became subdued at the approaching presence of a threat that is said to only exist in the more distant hellscapes; A Retainer. He can not handle this on his own, but who will help him overcome this threat?

Music performed by Cheshyre. Sound Effect work done by Cturix. Weapon library work done by Cethic and additional spritework assistance from Kelzad. Thanks lads.

Work on 9.5 pt2 has already begun. I'll be in touch.

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hell yeah...

Hank will be back!

No weird theories so far, except that it seems the Retainers seem to be going for a very non-lethal approach when possible. Except the slamming hank into the ground thing seems to contradict that. Review go.

Good god is CturiX talented. Guns have an unrivalled OOMPH to them that makes the shots look and feel so satisfying. The clowns voice effects feel disturbingly fitting for them in a way I would never think possible.

Need I explain? Backgrounds are as great as ever since MC11's release. Details and all.

But the REAL good shit is the characters and their weapons. They feel very sharp, showing us details scarcely seen in the older animations. If anything, I would call this their peak for as long as madness stays the relative same in the means of animation. The guns/melees designs really demonstrate this. The dragon sword grip is much more like a traditional katanawith the madness grey, the SPAS-12's rework to make it a smaller weapon more akin to its real life counterpart was a good idea, the oomph of the auto shotgun was almost fucking blissful.

As for the Retainers design, its like a...Hyper sized grunt with a special mask and psychic powers. Whats there is well drawn, but theres not much there aside from the mask. I also liked the small detail on injured hank with his metal jaw. Its fucking great.


No notable improvements this time around imo with the actual fluidity of the animation. Still as fast paced and chaotic as ever. Still great, not sure if we are reaching some sort of apex in animation with you. Only time will tell.

OVERALL: 10/10

Hank is back at it

Great job I was very entertained

Credits & Info

4.75 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2020
10:35 PM EDT
  • Frontpaged October 3, 2020
  • Weekly Users' Choice October 7, 2020
  • Daily Feature October 4, 2020

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