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Puzlogic Plus

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Unique puzzle game inspired by sudoku and cross sums (kakuro). This follow-up has 28 new puzzles, new rules and improved gameplay.

Use mouse to drag the available numbers on the right to the free spaces, following the provided rules.

Hint: To get the “No hints” star go to options (lower right corner, in the level selection menu) and disable the 2 hints “Show column/row errors” and “Auto fade correct sums”.

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Really great and chill puzzler! I like how you went the extra mile and didn't just make the game, but made all sorts of little touches to it like having the game highlight mistakes (with an option to turn it off for a challenge) and a whole note-taking system: really impressive! I had a lot of fun going through the levels. It did have a weird bit of a difficulty jump at the beginning: level 3 got super hard outta nowhere (well, at least for me) and I felt like they could've been one more level between 2-3 and another between 3-4 to let the basic levels breathe and escalate before moving onto the sum levels. But heck, I had fun anyway, so nice work!

Level 20 bussing

o jogo é legal, bem desafiador

Well executed puzzler. Superbly chilled atmosphere, mainly from music / sound effects, though the graphics (with the rain!) helped. Good level of challenge, though the difficulty order of levels seemed a little weird (perhaps some of the levels had much simpler ways to get the solution than I spotted - some of the final levels seemed very easy in comparison to what had gone before).

Level X was really neat, a nice touch at the end.

Slightly wish notes auto-deleted when you put an actual number on top of them (or at least, that you have an option to knock off the notes when you play a number) because otherwise the "notes" view gets very cluttered and it's hard to see what you've actually played. Someone else suggested "clear all notes" which would be handy, or just a tool you can use to "clear all notes in a cell" rather than one at a time. Minor English grammar thing: "Did you really get here?" would be better than "got here". These are nitpicks I'm just suggesting for improvement though, you should be really proud of this one!

The game is really great for the most part, and I think the puzzles serve as excellent brain-teasers while also being relaxing; however, there are some instances where levels have solutions that were not intended, meaning that the level will not end even if a correct solution is found (Level 10 is such an instance).

Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2020
4:40 AM EDT

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