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House of Creeps

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My attempt at an 80s straight to video horror in under 90 seconds.

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Hand spider goes up pants.
"Oh hell no!", Thank you for that nightmare!
10 outta fuckin' 10

jellyeyes responds:

Great name 'Hand Spider' I like it a lot!

Again, your incorporation of multimedia into a horror-themed movie was excellent. Again, there were some interesting, dynamic camera angles that caught my attention. Again, I was left wanting more. The first-person shot of the would-be robber walking along the side of the house was exquisite. In fact, it was so exquisite that I'm paused on 0:23 marveling at the contrast of the lens, the sharpness of the hedge's leaves and the blades of grass, the jagged white light atop the wooden fence, and the ominous shadow of the rocking chair in the distance. Considering the prior scene of the robber's blood-shot eyeball, the viewer can clearly sense the robber's fear as he prepares to break in. Fantastic.

jellyeyes responds:

Thanks Bigfoot, I shot this with a webcam and I think it helped put the viewer inside the miniature scene a little bit better than a DSLR does although you loose image quality. I made this years ago but I remade the soundtrack recently and made a few tweaks.

Your work with the human eye is just fantastic. Bravo!

jellyeyes responds:

thanks man, it was shot with a webcam (C920 logitech) and I was pretty happy how it came out.