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Author Comments

Little zombie shooter demo thing. WASD to move. G to drop weapon. Probably shouldn't bother playing.

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Simple, fun and hopeful. It's buggy if you fail, but if your fast on the trigger it's pretty fun. I can see this going pretty well tbh. Loved it. I know everyone has said it, but more guns and more narrative other than running for a car?

Also not 100% sure what the second gun was, since it made rifle sounds, with a metal casing noise, but it seemed like a shotgun that was using metal slugs. (Metal slugs don't have much spread and travel farther, effective hunting). I'd love for noises beyond the guns. Maybe each time a zombie comes into view it makes a weird grunt? Unsure. Your game, and I like where it's going.

babinecj responds:

Thank you!! I posted this expecting definitely not this good of feedback haha. I really appreciate it. All great feedback. For sure will focus more on sounds as well as the weapons and enemies on the next iteration :)

good proof of concept/demo. I would really like to see more guns

babinecj responds:

Thank you! With this feedback I will keep updating this and include more guns and enemies. Much appreciated!

its a pretty nice game i hope your do well and make more simple games like this

babinecj responds:

Wow thank you! Hearing this nice stuff I think I will :)

Great Short Demo, may I suggest different zombie types and more weapons and a story.

babinecj responds:

Thank you! Much appreciated. More zombies and guns is something I'd like to add asap :)

Hey this is actually pretty decent as a demo and proof of concept, I can see that this could make a really good game with some polish and improvements. Maybe some little adjustments to details as well such as SFX and adding some BGM, personally I think that the shotgun SFX are a tad too loud.

I would've liked to see more weapon and enemy variation when going through the levels. Especially with the weapons, they could have their own advantages and drawbacks to make the player choose a certain playstyle.

Something that I don't like though is the way the barriers are set up, I think it would've been better for you to put a visual representation of the barriers instead of using invisible barriers. On level 3, the player can easily get stuck due to barriers that they cannot see. Especially when they are approaching the car from the northwestern direction or by going through the forest, they can be blocked due to invisible barriers.

babinecj responds:

Thanks so much for your feedback! Definitely agree with you here. I am definitely going to polish this and add some more weapons and variations of enemy contact. I started learning Phaser 3 at the start of this summer and this is the result of my first attempt at a shooter :) Hopefully if this doesn't get taken down I'm gonna make it a little better! Thanks so much!

Credits & Info

2.69 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2020
10:14 PM EDT