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Mental Platformer

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Author Comments


Arrow Keys to move

R to restart a level

Music from the game "Super Mario Maker 2"

Aside from music all made by me

Post your record in the comments! (Be honest, i have not worked out how to do leader boards on newgrounds yet)

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22.8 seconds is as low as I can take it, after several runs through and taking some strategic hits in Levels 7 and 9. (There's a small part in 8 where "lava" won't hurt you, but only sometimes.)

The controls are a bit too slippery, and in levels where the little red homing enemy chases you down, the game tends to eat your jumps—to jump consecutively, you have to either hold Up to jump and sacrifice a bit of precision since you can't wait, or chance the enemy getting dangerously close to you.

Also, there's a small softlock in Level 2, in the small area beside the big baddie; you can get into that little alcove underneath the slanted rock, but you can't get out until the homing enemy kills you.

SuperGuyOn responds:

For the level 2 point: You can press R to restart

After beating the game, the "Game Complete! Post your time in the comments" message stays on the screen if you start over again. This makes level 5 a bit annoying.

In addition to greep321's point about potentially losing all hearts to one mistake, having the momentum carry over to the next level is pretty unfair, especially on the first playthrough, as it sends the player into damage in some of the later levels. On the other hand, it does allow the player to save time on subsequent attempts.

Since the game is so short, I ran it a few times and got down to 23.7 seconds. Sub 20 might be possible, but without a leaderboard I'm not that interested.

I was able to make it to level 10. It's a really fun platformer! I like that each stage sort of had its own gimmick. Which is nice to see because a ton of platformers feel like you're dealing with the same stuff all game. My 2 biggest recommendations are to restart the player from the beginning of the level when they lose a life so they don't get screwed out of all 3 for one mistake. That and I'd like to see some more polished graphics, but one can only do what one is capable.

SuperGuyOn responds:

Thanks for the feedback! 😁

good game
i got only to lvl 4 :) (EDIT 43.2 with all 3 lives)
Its my opinion but.. i think the jump height is too short and its like I am constantly on ice
also I could try to make a soundtrack for this game if you would like

SuperGuyOn responds:

Thanks for the feedback!
If you have time that would be great! :D

Credits & Info

2.56 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2020
6:24 AM EDT