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this is some kind of recreation of classic stickmans games??
if so, that's fine but it kind of needs funds and needs to polish some parts of this game!! 😎👍

So a fan of the Henry Stickmin games I take it?

the game have good concept but the interface is terrible and really bad made, you should correct this in future games.

Cizmer responds:

thank you, yes i will try to do my best for the next game.

I don't think a double upload is necessary, I think you could've edited your other submission to apply the fix or just uploaded this one instead of uploading a buggy and fixed version. Uploading 2 of the same thing feels kinda spammy.

Anyway, as feedback for your game. It clearly took inspiration from the Henry Stickmin saga, with this game having multiple fails and correct choices. However, there is only one ending to this one and this game is pretty short. There are 5 total fails but only 4 unique fails since the first 2 are the same. I feel like you could've put a bit more diversity and at least one additional option just to give your game a bit more of content considering that there are only 3 scenes before reaching the ending.

I do have some suggestions:
- Choice Hitboxes - I think it's better for the clickable entity to be larger or to be a box so the player doesn't have to be accurate when clicking (for example, clicking the blank space in the letter "e" won't do anything since it's not clickable). It would just improve convenience in the game.

- Exaggeration - A good amount of exaggeration puts a nice emphasis on movement and actions. However, too much exaggeration tends to lose its charm. Maybe having a decent mix will keep the comedic aspect of this game fresh instead of relying on one trick for humor.

- Originality - I get that this was inspired by the Henry Stickmin games, but I think it would've been better for you to make your own variations of the options. Like the speed shoes and teleporter are options in the original, but here they also look similar as the original. Maybe have your own version on what you think the teleporter would look like and how you think it would be used.

As for bugs, I only found one and it's not really much of a problem:
- Door (Does not affect gameplay at all) - If you hover your mouse on the door in the first scene, it shows that it's a clickable object although it is not. This might make players think that it leads to secrets or something and lead to confusion, but I don't think it's a big deal since it doesns't affect anything that much.

Cizmer responds:

thank you for the help, this is the first time i made a game. I will try to do better for the next time!

It makes me happy to see Stickman Animation still be a thing in 2020. It makes my heart sing. Relatable content (I'd fight if I was out of coffee too), packaged to look like it was made in 2005 (whether purposeful or not, I love it. It was incredibly short, but hey that's not always a bad thing people have lives to live ya know? Anyway, good stuff mate. Only recommendation I have would be to send the player back to the beginning after each mistake so there is some sort of thought to the choice. Also it should extend the play time a bit.

Credits & Info

1.96 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2020
9:08 AM EDT