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Madness: Descent into

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A short but sweet origin story for a Madness OC I created waay back in the day, have had this story in my head since basically high school, it is hidden tho so you can give it a try if you wanna, I like hiding stories on my action videos lol.

Literally had to redo it from scratch in 5 days since I killed my old PC accidentaly, no dynamic camera becuase ActionScript just didn't wanted me to use it this time so I'm sorry for that :( had to do it old school

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absolutely incredible for 5 days work holy crap. Well done!!!

BigroomBlitz responds:

Well thank you very much! :) it was difficult at first because I had to redraw a lot of things from scratch but then I just reanimated everything non-stop.until finished lol

Couldn't understand the plot, but needless to say, I enjoyed it.

BigroomBlitz responds:

Haha I'm glad you enjiyed it anyways, I hope in the sequel everything comes clear

This is epic

maybe one day ill discover the story
until then
keep getting better

BigroomBlitz responds:

Will do :) also maybe you will in the sequel, there's plenty of clues here tho, motivations for the most part

dat is good