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Madness Diluvium Ep1 | Infiltration

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This is the first episode of my Madness Diluvium project, a project that, as I said before, had been going on for a long time and that I have finally started this year. I started the animation in 2017 and I just finished it this year, due to school studies and among other things. I give my big thanks and appreciation to my good friend Zhou124 for helping me with the sounds and editing. Which will also help me in the other chapters that will come out in the future. and without anything else to say, I hope you enjoy this animation and I wish you a great Madness Day 2020!!

Soundtrack: Disco Inferno ยท Perturbator

Watch it on YouTube: Link Youtube

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Your animation can defeat Whitehank Zero even if your the only one who animates, the editor did a good job too.

Wow, that was unexpectedly good! tho characters on the 4th minute looked out of place(design was weird i guess) and some gunfights didn't make sense, but still it is a rare thing to watch something enjoyable in madness

Wow. Just wow. Reviewing all these movies, I wont keep repeating myself. Just dropping in to show love for the amazing creativity you all drop for Madness Day. Well done.

So everything was just uh...that....really?
Ah doesn't matter, flawless animation, really appreciate the attention to recoil/blowback of that pump shorgun, that stuff can't be handled that easy in real life.

This was amazing!