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Madness: BLACK BERSERK EP1 - Pilot

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I hope you readed the disclaimer my friends

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Me - Animation, Spriter, Producer, Blackhole VA

Endik - VA Editor, VA Director, Soldier VA, Leader VA, Intercom VA

CRY.NN, Eliter - Music

Boohzuh, DatSalty - Sound Designers

Kyuri08 - Thumbnail Artist

Papa Noble - Alex VA

Meep The Changeling - Emily VA https://www.youtube.com/c/MeepChangeling/featured (No NG account)

Star17 - Soldier VA

Mr.Musikant - Soldier VA

Napstapro115 - Mechanic VA

Eliter - Gopnik VA

Krinkels - Original Madness Combat Creator

Refrences and Timestamps:

5:02 What The Blyat is this (friend's cusin video)

6:04 Rockluki (Madness Animator Who helped me alot)

6:45 Blackjack Poster (Main character from a very famous brony fanfic:Fallout Equestria:Project Horizons)

7:39 Combator Poster (Poster of an animator friend)

17:09 Building (Red Faction 1 intro building)


Krinkels's Madness Combat figures

Xionic Madness idea of Voiceacting

Re-frame security commander design inspired from Red Faction 1 Ultor Guard commander (however Im propably gonna Change the design)

4:48 majonez... I LIKE MAJONEZ OK!?

Well I hope you liked it,my talking scenes animating may not be top tier,and alot people will propably hate the fact that I want to have voiceacting in my series,but seriously guys,madness needs to have more than just simple fights to keep it alive,who knows,maybe some people will follow and try to do voiceacting? We'll see, and THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!

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una buena animacion pobre que se fueron a marte sin el permiso de blackholes

I feel mr blackhole is gonna miss nevada for some reason

StefanOcean responds:

I don't think so...:3

REALLY, REALLY cool. I like the idea and combat. Also, I agree with Coconutzipjpg, the protagonist shouldn't be named "black hole".

This is great! I like how when Madness characters fight, when one drops their weapon, the other one gives it back and they continue fighting.

Great project you guys! In my opinion however the protagonist name shouldn’t be “black hole”. Too long, and feels out of place. Why not instead of black hole, he should be named black, as per a childhood nickname. The show is epic, especially the fight scenes. Extremely well executed and designed. The story as well is short and sweet but the end feels bit lackluster of the classic cliffhangers other shows have. It just feels like a “that’s it, book close go home everybody” maybe an epilogue about the auditor finding the location of the place and planning something. Or even a spy within the agency they’re in. Or even hint at the one of leaders Being TRAITORS. You have nothing but time to develop the series, and tweak it to perfection if possible.

Edit: misspelling

Update: who’s ‘the idiot’s brother’? Just asking really I never really knew the cast to well all the characters besides black and Alex were verbally addressed. For the next episode and if you can with the first (suggestion/opinion don’t take too seriously but please acknowledge) can you guys please create a verbal message, for characters you don’t wish to address, but are side characters/ prolonged characters in the series.

StefanOcean responds:

Check the Incident movie, that was made before this, if you need to know who that "idiot" was. Also, his "brother" will also return in future installments. Characters being mentioned verbally in EP1 and EP2 are intentionally being sneeked in, for future development of the plot (Henry, Eric, Bulldog, etc.) They have their own purpose in this world, trust me.

Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2020
11:04 AM EDT

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