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Madness: BLACK BERSERK EP1 - Pilot

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I hope you readed the disclaimer my friends

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Me - Animation, Spriter, Producer, Blackhole VA

Endik - VA Editor, VA Director, Soldier VA, Leader VA, Intercom VA

CRY.NN, Eliter - Music

Boohzuh, DatSalty - Sound Designers

Kyuri08 - Thumbnail Artist

Papa Noble - Alex VA

Meep The Changeling - Emily VA https://www.youtube.com/c/MeepChangeling/featured (No NG account)

Star17 - Soldier VA

Mr.Musikant - Soldier VA

Napstapro115 - Mechanic VA

Eliter - Gopnik VA

Krinkels - Original Madness Combat Creator

Refrences and Timestamps:

5:02 What The Blyat is this (friend's cusin video)

6:04 Rockluki (Madness Animator Who helped me alot)

6:45 Blackjack Poster (Main character from a very famous brony fanfic:Fallout Equestria:Project Horizons)

7:39 Combator Poster (Poster of an animator friend)

17:09 Building (Red Faction 1 intro building)


Krinkels's Madness Combat figures

Xionic Madness idea of Voiceacting

Re-frame security commander design inspired from Red Faction 1 Ultor Guard commander (however Im propably gonna Change the design)

4:48 majonez... I LIKE MAJONEZ OK!?

Well I hope you liked it,my talking scenes animating may not be top tier,and alot people will propably hate the fact that I want to have voiceacting in my series,but seriously guys,madness needs to have more than just simple fights to keep it alive,who knows,maybe some people will follow and try to do voiceacting? We'll see, and THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!

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I love the pilot, he has everything, I like every detail, his story is incredibly interesting, especially when it comes to A.A.H.W and Re-Frame Corporation, I want to know more about his history. I love the detail of forgiving 3 agents who have given up and moving on.
My favorite funny part is; The knock on the door haha, the use of mayonnaise instead of adrelanine, the reactor lever (He did what he couldy) and the grenade that fell in the worst possible place hahaha.

Very professional, artistic, action packed.

This is amazing.

It's clear how much work has been put into this. Loved the humor elements and the face expressions however there are some issues which prevents me to giving a perfect score, still, with the crazy amount of effort being put into it, I'll only take half a star away.

Besides the subtitle thing, my concerns are the fact that the voice acting is not considered ideal, secondly wound be unbalanced looking sprites of gun flash/spray/wounds/splashes and thirdly are some unrealistic movements during combat (flipping with an M134 I think is beyond human)

Ok. Very interesting one. I got some feedback.

First, the subtitles. There were many times when it was so hard to read them due to poor background contrast. Seriously, many times. Maybe put in a subtitle strip? I don't know.

Then there was this bit around 11:30 where a guy just died for no reason? I got really confused and kept pausing and rewatching it trying to understand what happened. Then I realized he got shot by the gun that fell from the other guy. The gun shot him when it fell. So that was that. Thought all this took me away from the actual story for a couple of minutes, you know.

Really liked the fact that Blackhole spared unarmed enemies. Gives him character, I really liked it.

But then in his duel with the red sword guy, Blackhole literally gave him his sword back at some point? I really didn't get that. Mercy is one thing, but that...is Blackhole a chivalrous gentleman? Didn't get that vibe at all. I got confused as fuck.

Also, please give us something about "the idiot" in the next episode. Or the one after. I just think taking too long would be kinda bad. Even just a mention would be fine, it's about making us believe that he actually exists, I think. That he exists and matters?

Some parts of the greeting terminal scene at 17:45 felt like mindless exposition to me. As in, I think they could be shorter, or rewritten, etc. I could be nitpicking though, see what others say about it.

And...I think that's it. Somewhat cool story, hope I'll get to see where it goes.

Btw, voice acting was not as bad as you think, don't beat yourself up over it.

Keep up the good work!

BlackholeStudios responds:

Yes I explained why i had problem with subtitles in some scenes in other comments on ng or yt i think,

The part where they fought and he gave him the sword was because,it was an act of respect to the enemy,he didn't wanted to kill him when he's defenceless,this act was often used by knights as an act of honor,here's an example from one of polish lecture ecranization at moment 14:48 https://youtu.be/YBs4a4Io49I knight allows him to pick his weapon as an act of respect for him

And Im glad that you like the voiceacting : )

Credits & Info

4.36 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2020
11:04 AM EDT

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