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Madness: Madlads

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Organized / Edited / Animation - Gary

Animation / Sprites - Awez


Animation - Zapchon


Sprites - Novaheaded

Music by Unigodspawn and Strafe OST.

Made by a bunch of stick figure animators having a go at Madness animation, this took us about a month and half to make. Hope you guys enjoy!

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"remember, zombies arent real"
ultimate foreshadowing

This is gruesome and bloody as alll hell, an funny as hell too.

This is more funny than actually gruesome.

The zombie using the head as a basketball lmao. That whole scene was real slick, the ways he reloaded his guns. That was badass.

lmao too, the way he threw away one cig then lit 3 at once.

fcuk off