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Blue Bayou

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Blue Bayou is a game made in one week for GBJAM-8. It placed #1 in the "Fun" category. Part boss rush and part crawdad simulator, players assume the role of a cornered mudbug as they face down a slew of ruthless debt collectors in the Louisiana bayou.

A game by Bokonon  && Yossarian

Music, consult, additional sound design by @turgidharrier

Controls - Keyboard

  • Left & Right: A & D
  • Throw/Catch Left Claw : Left Arrow
  • Throw/Catch Right Claw: Right Arrow
  • Dash: A or D + S
  • Skip Cutscenes: Enter
  • Enable/Disable Screenshake: Tab

Controls - Gamepad

  • Left & Right: Left/Right on D-Pad
  • Dash: Down on D-Pad / Left Face Button
  • Throw/Catch Left Claw: Button Face Button, Left Bumper, Left Trigger
  • Throw/Catch Right Claw: Right Face Button, Right Bumper, Right Trigger
  • Skip Cutscenes: Start
  • Enable/Disable Screenshake: Select

Additional Credits

  • Made in Gamemaker Studio 2.3
  • All art assets made in Aseprite
  • BFXR used for SFX
  • Inverse Kinematics library by Tonystr

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why is it so hard. Dang I am bad but it is fun.


Oh my gawd that gator had more bite than a mudcat durin' noodlin' season! Thank my lanta for Clarence, ha.

That was really fun to play. The gator was hard, but it took a lot of dashing and a little more patience. I really enjoyed the dialogue, the graphics were perfectly executed and the entire game was all around charming. You could tell you definitely put some TLC into this project.

Thank you for making it!

This game is great and really entertaining which makes you want to come back to it and replay the bosses. 2nd Edit: Thanks for clarification, beat him finally and now I'm wishing for more

bokononyossarian responds:

Not sure if this was clear in the gameplay, but the hands and tail will automatically reappear if you hit his head before they’re all down. Also he ONLY attacks with his head if you hit it while his limbs are up, so theoretically you could beat him without him ever doing an attack from his head

Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2020
12:04 PM EDT
  • GameMaker Studio