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In this world, mirrors often go out of whack. They start reflecting your dreams, your fears, your secrets. You play as Josefa, an upbeat repairwoman who goes around town getting malfunctioning mirrors back to normal. How? By finding the few spots where they still reflect the real physical world.

Controls: Point and click for most things. F for full-screen.

Credits: Code by me, art by Mer Grazzini, sound by Fede Cardinale, voices by Alli Smalley and Pablo Quarta.

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Found this game throught Estresamente, and have to say all the games you two have worked at have been very varied and quite well made, This one a nice twist on a visual observation games, with a storyline with lots of potential.
Curious if you are still working on a full version of this or decided to move on from the idea,

MerGrazzini responds:

Thanks so much!!!!! Also, shout out to our musician, key part of the team :) (we also worked with a producer on Estresamente <3)
We haven't moved on, but we were hired to make Estresamente and other game about mental health, so we had to put a hiatus meanwhile. I personally hope we can release this one soon, we got a lot more content done than what you can see in the demo!

This twist on the classic spot the differences game is absolutely brilliant! How creative are you! This game is one of the coolest thangs I have seen on here. Love the story and the characters. The book is also a real nice segue between levels. Well done. I will be right back here when this is finished!

DavidMarchand responds:

You are too kind! Thank you very much.

Super fun

This is a really interesting spin on the classic "spot the difference" style game. The idea to also have a story and voice acting was also a surprise and I'm curious to see where you're going with this. Definitely going to be keeping and eye on this one.

DavidMarchand responds:

Thanks a bunch! :D

Holy heck, that was enjoyable. I didn't even expect a story. And.. maybe that works against you. Knowing that there is more to this than just spotting similarities, I would suggest probably having an introduction before the game-play, just to dip your toes into the world before you go to work fixing it.

Only other criticism I have would be just having a indication on the "book of quotes" that it's time to click to continue. Idk if it's just the right-hand page, but I wasn't able to click on the left page to continue, and that makes sense from a "reading" standpoint, but it may not be straightforward enough for the rest of players.

Turning the spot the difference game on it's head is an extremely cool idea, and I look forward to the rest. You have a solid idea. Good luck!

DavidMarchand responds:

Thank you so much! I absolutely should add a "click to continue" to the book. Though clicking anywhere on the screen should work, there's no distinction between pages. Maybe you clicked too quickly? I think the game waits for the fade-in to end before enabling the continue. Nevertheless, thanks for playing and glad you liked it!

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3.25 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2020
2:46 PM EDT
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