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Medieval Cop 9 - Song and Silence (Part 3)

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Dregg finds himself in a mental Asylum after the events of part 2 and starts having visions of an alternate reality where he is a Cop and hates the Post Office.

Previous Episodes: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2572101



-Fixed issue of Director doing improv and going off-script.


Song and Silence - Part 3 (Calm Wing Investigation Hints for those who are having difficulties solving it)

1. Talk to the spinning guy in the Activity Room.

2. Symmetry cannot be achieved with a person present in the room. Mirror the items in the room to the ones where Phyllis is.

3. The notepad on the top-right can be used twice.

4. Take a look at the notes the Director is signing.

5. Fill Glass of Water at basins in the bathrooms.

6. Seek someone who knows art during the timer event.

7. Those statues are beautiful, right?

8. The activity room might have some props for you.

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Dame... dat dance scene was pretty good!

Bruh, I can't get used to Dregg being a bit normal than he is. I'm more used to him as a passive-aggressive depressed person who hates the post office...sigh

I had too much work since corona started to play games. Now I play all those VasantJ-Games that were published in the meantime. Thanks for continuing this great story on NG!

Edit: It seems all Medieval-Cop-Games are using the same savegame slots. That's interesting: I see savegames from other parts. I cannot load them, only overwrite them.

I love this game and this series, but the kids eyes in the past few games have been way too low on their faces and it makes me so uncomfortable

Love these games