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Reviews for "Medieval Cop 9 - Song and Silence (Part 3)"

spoiler alert

there is a glitch: when i make the forged papers slip with the others, so that the director can sign them, the game freezes. is it a bug or did i miss something?

Really good, better than the last one, which I thought was your low point.

Had a couple spots of trouble with the dancing & escaping, but nothing that couldn't be gotten past with a couple replays.

This game is amazing, this changes so much of the story! I'm unable to contain my excitement for the next part

Haha! The not wearing a mask part got me. Well done!

I am somehow extremely confused and not confused at all at the same time. What a paradox lol.

You made me scared about where the plot was going for a sec with the opening. Should have know better lol. You had me guessing a lot in this one, it kept me on my toes. There's a lot I could comment on so let me summarize: Fantastic!