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Tap Archer

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It is a game where your finger and your archers destroy waves of enemies that are looking for money to improve your touch and your archers.

each wave has new enemies.

How much can you achieve?

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Game stops at level 81.

There are 9 archers, 9 freaking archers, and they totally suck man =(, they worth nothing at all.

the main flaw with the game that ive found is you recive a verry low amount of money at the start and the archers are almost worthless in their first few forms. so you need to ust keep clicking 1 enemy over and over untill you have gone trough the same level 100 times to get the required amount of money, overall could do with some improvements

thesuperankes responds:

thanks for the comment, i will work on it

Hmmm.... I started playing this game with relatively high hopes. I like tower defence games, I like clicker/idle games. What could go wrong? Apparently good amount. Consider these in no particular order as far as importance goes, I am just writing stuff out as it comes to mind.

1. The game just stops at level 81. What the heck? I was hoping at 100 things would come to a close and I could call it good, declare victory, etc. etc. But it just stopped, not even 'The End' displayed.. or even a hearty 'Game Over'.. It just ended as though the game didn't know what to do next. Did I run across a bug? Is the game unfinished? Enquiring minds want to know.

2. There is no pause between levels/waves for upgrading. With the track so short and the units kind of annoying to select (that is another gripe all together) we could use a few seconds to do our upgrading, but you just keep sending and sending. I ended up doing nothing but clicking because I didn't really have time for anything else. I had hopes that the play button on the lower right would also serve as a pause button. No such luck.

3. Since I mentioned it in the last point, unit selection. Please give us some indication of what unit is selected, and better yet give us a hotkey to select. I am not 100% sure where the point to click is, but it doesn't seem to be anywhere on the unit. It would be great if the unit that was selected was highlighted, so we could tell who we were upgrading. It happened to me more than once that I was trying to upgrade a unit and I ended up upgrading a different one.

4. You have us trying to run through the tutorial while endless waves are coming. This goes back to point #2, but especially in a tutorial level give us a second to understand what we are supposed to be doing. You can script the enemy appearance to coincide with the tutorial progress.

5. The ruby (I assume) in the upper right seems to have no purpose, it seems to add fire to the idea that this game is very unfinished.

6. Million and Billion, i.e. alpha numeric notation of quantity. If you are going to use it please use it correctly. I am sure you have played enough games to know that 10 million is not 1 billion, yet the game jumps directly from 9M to 1B. Then to further add to the confusion Instead of maintaining the notation I now see thousands of billions. 1000 Billion is 1 Trillion (the same way that 1000 million is 1 billion). At least in base 10, which I assumed we were using, but for all I know you could be using base WTFE.

7. The few early upgrades to the archers that I did do didn't seem to improve them significantly. it would be nice if there was some indication of the archers power and of the enemies life. I see neither here (other than the archers uniform change, but for all I know that is all the upgrade really does).

Overall the game functioned until it abruptly stopped. It was mediocre for the reasons listed above and I feel that it could have been really fun. The graphics were pretty sharp (I didn't mention those yet) I liked the style of the game. I practically never play with sound so nothing either way on that. I am going to give this 3 stars, I think some people could get a few moments of fun out of it but in it's current state it really isn't something that I could recommend to anyone.

thesuperankes responds:

You do not know how much I appreciate your comment, although I have been programming for a long time my strength is not video games but I always seek to learn.

I really appreciate you very much.

The topic of level 81 leaves me intrigued, it must be that the version was not updated and I will have uploaded an old one, I will review it immediately.

The ruby ​​issue is because it would have its Mobile version but Google play did not allow the game to be uploaded.

And the millions to billions point, I get it right, it was bad research on my part.

The rest that you wrote me I will study and read again, thanks for playing and scoring my project, have a good day.

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3.17 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2020
5:04 PM EDT