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Author Comments

(Free demo!) A single-button infinite-runner mini-metroidvania!

Your only goal is to escape. Unfortunately you can't (or won't) turn around.

Collect boots to wear on your many feet, and to unlock new abilities. Avoid obstacles and navigate tricky environments. Don't let any barrier stand in your way!

Full game available at arachnowopunk.com, free on iOS and Android!


  • Movement is grid-based. Jumping/stopping only happens when you get to the next tile space.
  • There is always an opportunity to change direction, but it may be further away that you think.



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For owo 4.5 stars

A very cute,and fun game

Its a really interesting mechanic, the spider is super adorable and the aesthetic is spot on

That was a nice challenge, I'm thinking about giving it a chance.

Neat game! I haven't beaten it yet, but I plan to because the game just seems to ooze charm and professionalism in its design and presentation, and looks to have a lot of depth to the gameplay mechanics as well! I like the little touches like the speech bubbles, the way it pauses after a pop-up, the way it previews your direction for a jump, and so on. It's not without its issues, however: the fact that the spider moves so smoothly but is technically on a grid can really screw you over as I had so many times where my spider moved one extra step too far even though I told it to stop, or stopped one step too early. Some of the instructions were a bit out-of-order as well: kinda wish the game told you about the ability to cancel your jump/stop much earlier than it did (though to be frank, its easy to guess that down is to stop since its the opposite). I'm assuming the maps are all smartly built for it, but it can be frustrating how far you have to go just to get your spider to turn around at times, especially when you misjudge and end up turning yourself the wrong direction since you didn't plan multiple steps ahead. Maybe it would be worth it to just have two buttons at times instead of forcing everything into one button to ease up the difficulty, haha. If the second button turned direction it would also prevent the issue where you try to make a jump you thought you could but didn't know you couldn't, and now you're probably stuck in a situation where you're gonna walk into spikes, haha. However, I understand that the whole complexity to turning direction is intended, so it's probably a no-go. Also, while I like the fact that the game waits for you to ready since you need to switch from mouse to keyboard when closing a pop-up, maybe closing a pop-up should be possible with a keyboard press in the first place to make it a non-issue? Anyway, while I do have some gripes, like I said, this game does seem to have such good construction to it that I'll definitely want to revisit it.

Credits & Info

3.70 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2020
1:01 PM EDT
  • HaxeFlixel