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(Free demo!) A single-button infinite-runner mini-metroidvania!

Your only goal is to escape. Unfortunately you can't (or won't) turn around.

Collect boots to wear on your many feet, and to unlock new abilities. Avoid obstacles and navigate tricky environments. Don't let any barrier stand in your way!

Full game available on Google Play and Itch.io


  • Movement is grid-based. Jumping/stopping only happens when you get to the next tile space.
  • There is always an opportunity to change direction, but it may be further away that you think.



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Nice game!
I find the fact that the character automatically selects the next tile when trying to jump a bit unintuitive. However, I find the rest of the controls working very nicely.
I also find the difficulty a bit too high, specially near the start.

Anyway, nice game and original concept. I hope I see this project finished!

Cute little game.

I completed this demo and somewhat loved it.
This is great! There are some things that spoiled this experience for me.
One! There was no visual cue that hinted in advance if I could make a jump from one surface to another or not. I know there is an 'x' when you attempt the jump but I mean in advance beforehand just so I know if a path is possible or not.
Two! There appears to be a very forced and intended decision to make the spider stop in the next tile. This didn't make sense to me. Why not let it stop in the current tile? I mean there is no apparent reason not to.
When I say it didn't make sense I mean it felt wrong and made the game awkward to play.

I still think it is wonderful but those two things made me avoid the full game.

e1sif responds:

Unfortunately, I think you are right in both counts!

These are both trade-offs I made during development - first, making the levels less visually grid based makes it look better (in my opinion!), but harder to read. Second, because of the movement system, it has to "snap" you to a tile to some degree, and I found this to be the most predictable. Still, I am not satisfied with either decision!

Anyway, thanks for your feedback, and for the very diplomatic way you put it! :)

First of all, metroidvania - yes please! This looks like an intensely constructed and fun game. Unfortunately, I am really challenged by the movement mechanism. I love platformers with standard arrow keys controls (and WASD when I have to) but this has me flummoxed. I am gonna have to sit this one out. I just cannot get the feel of the movement. But kudos for your design, artistic ability and attention to detail.

e1sif responds:

Thanks for your kind words, sorry it didn't end up working for you! The intuitiveness of the controls and the movement was what I struggled most with.

Awesome! Love the puzzle platforming elements.

Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2020
1:01 PM EDT
  • HaxeFlixel

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