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Death race insection

would watch a whole 15 mins of this

Great retro vibes! Some shots were absolutely fantastic! I was left wanting more, but I didn't really like the ending with the "Insectoids". As @Fersto said, it breaks the mood. Maybe if it had continued for a bit after that it would've felt differently. @peptrace also has a good point, but I don't how hard it would be to make that. And maybe having someone controlling the machine gun would be a nice touch, but perhaps it would also add a lot of work.

Anyways, this is great and I hope you expand on it!

jellyeyes responds:

Thanks!, you make some valid points, I think you are right about it needing expanding.
It's kind of a bunch of experiments cobbled together rather than a finished video.
It might be fun putting the work into making it something more substantial :)

I think that "INSECTOIDS" thing at the end really broke the mood you established with everything before it. I really didn't like it.

Good animation! the visuals (or aesthetics) are GORGEOUS, the colors are beautiful, everything looks beautiful, the monsters, the cars, the backgrounds, the graffiti on the walls... this animation represents me -_-