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Jungle Runner

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Author Comments

For those new to this game the controls could be a little confusing and I apologize for that

The controls are as follows:

Press L to move right

Press D to move left

Press P to pause

Press Spacebar to jump.

Hope you all will enjoy the game.

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Ok, first things first, why on earth did you decide to make L and D your movement. The movement seems very off, and the camera is sometimes obscured by the scenery, which makes the game sometimes difficult to see.

Is there a reason why the controls are like that? It seems very counter-intuitive, since this is a game with a few buttons and could've easily be played with one hand if the controls were mapped closer together.

This is still a decent runner, but it lacks some sort of variety. Maybe you could've had different shapes of trees and maybe add worn down logs as obstacles because all the obstacles right now look too similar to each other.

Bugs that I found:
- Hitboxes - the hitboxes on those small boulders seem a little off, since I get a game over even though I did not hit them. It sometimes happens on the large boulders but I haven't tested the large boulders enough so I'm not sure.

- Highscore - At the very start where the player first plays the game, they get a highscore notice. I don't think it's necessary to show that at the very beginning, I think it's better to show it when the player actually beats a previous score.

- Tree Falling Speed - When the player speeds up, the player is prone to hitting falling trees while jumping. Maybe make the tree fall faster or sooner to compensate the player speeding up over time.

- Performance - Going fullscreen made me undergo more lagging and dips in performance. (or maybe it just made stuttering more visible)

- Graphics - There is a certain segment in the floor where the textures look like they are clipping.

I also have some suggestions and feedback for this game:
- Slow Start - The game starts off very slow, I think it would be better to give the player a bit more speed.

- Acceleration - I think the player goes from very sluggish to very fast a bit too quickly. Maybe a bit more gradual increase in speed would give the player a bit more playtime before they get to a very challenging speed.

- Jumping and Depth Perception - I think it's pretty hard to see depth in this game, which kinda makes jumping difficult. The player jumps high but doesn't jump far in terms of forward distance when going at slow speeds.

- Aesthetic Choices - This game is called "Jungle Runner". However, this doesn't look much like a jungle. A jungle is usually perceived to be humid, since it has a rather wet climate. Jungles are also quite lush with vegetation. Whereas this game's environment looks rather dry, it kinda reminds me of either a temperate or dry forest. So I'm quite curious of the aesthetic choices made here.

Nonetheless this was still a decent endless runner. I would disagree on the genre though, this game is definitely not an RPG. I'd say the genre "Skill - Avoid" would match this game better.

Credits & Info

2.77 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2020
9:35 AM EDT