Space Gunner

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This is my second Newgrounds post. This game is much like "delirium" if you have ever played that game.
The main point of this game is to shoot down alien ships before they crash into your gun. There are four types of enemies:

Cruiser- Slow, Tough and if its hits you, it REALLY hits you
Rocket- Very Fast,but only takes one hit and does not try to avoid bullets
Stealth- Fast, and moves around your turret quickly, also disappears and reappers, keep a close eye out
Fighter - Moderatly Fast, avoids bullets and takes two hits

There are 4 secret weapons, select them by scrolling with the up or down key or using 1,2,3,4 respectivly. Press space to use
Missle- Slow, but will destroy anything in one hit, including the cruiser.
Lazer- Very Fast and very effective.
Mines- Proximity mines that self-destruct if an enemy is close enough
EMP- Electro-Magnetic Pulse. DEstroys all ships on the screen, very costly

Aim with the mouse. Left Click fires your default weapon.

Each level is over when the timer reaches 0 or your health drops below 0%.
Check out phantomgames.tk to download this game. It features a hiscore that is saved to
your harddrive.

Note: the game automatically refigures its quality to match your machine. Don't try to override it by setting it to best quality, it won't work.

Update- Space Gunner 1.1
- enemies are slowed down and aren't as "wobbly"
- Stealth disappear and reappear quickly
- Background music (from UT2003)
- Cruiser is harder to shoot down (USE MISSLES! one missle will destroy it)

Keep Posting Reviews and comments! I can't make this game better without your support!

Programmed/Designed/Developed by Adam Telfer
Graphics by Adam Telfer / Mike Holtom

Phantom Games 2003

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it is realy fun

not good

all ur games are all right but u really need to rethink them cuz thier good starting points but u need to move foward spend more than 1 hour per game


ok,i love delerium,but THIS?music sucks,weapons suck,... game just sucks

allright kinda addictive

bit too easy could be alot better needs work


What a piece of shit!

Credits & Info

3.21 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2003
3:15 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed