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Spectral Ninja BETA

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Author Comments

This game was originally made in the span of one week for a game jam competition. Some minor tweaks and QoL changes were added afterwards.

Link to game jam results: https://itch.io/jam/brackeys-4/rate/723670

Default Controls:

  1. WSAD - Movement
  2. JKL - Abilities / Attacks

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This game was well made, I noticed my melee hits weren't detecting well and it almost made me a bit ticked off.
But it can be an interesting combat mechanic, well done.
Your secret room was a bit hard to get to but I noticed something about the dash that was able to help me and OutBoundJewl to get up there.
Also, I have to note this, when I played this game a second time, I noticed how unbearably slow the projectiles are being shot; so slow, it hits me right when I reversed the character back with the L ability, it's just slightly frustrating and make the projectile faster.

Seminix responds:

Thanks for the feedback man. I'll keep these things in mind when working on the remaster.

A fun game that's a bit rough around the edges. My biggest problem is the normal swing not lining up with the animation(you don't have QUITE as much range as the swing in the game) and the jumping physics are also extremely heavy. Aside from that, most of my complaints come with the territory of "game jam" games(Uninteresting levels, lackluster ending, Etc.)

Now for the praise. The combat is interesting, enemies easily overpower you so you have to fight carefully and craftily, ya know, like a ninja. the spectral damage system, while it seems gimmicky at first, actually allows you to double your damage, but only if you take advantage of it. the platforming, what little there is, is interesting. I can see scenarios where you have to chain together rewinds to cross a large gap while balancing on limited ground below you. I'm also impressed with how versatile your character is considering how few options you have, and let's not forget the sheer cool factor of being surrounded by enemies, only to teleport out and have all of them collapse. All-in-all, I'm excited to see a full game based on this framework.

Seminix responds:

Thank you for your feedback. The attacks do not line up as you expect because I got lazy with the collision detection, and it happens on a single frame instead of being continuous. I'm taking my time with the remastered version to fix this along with other issues. I already implemented most of the movement mechanics, which should make the character feel more snappy and easier to control in the air.
Right now here's a few things I've got lined up for the game:
- More enemies
- More abilities
- Bosses
- Physical and spectral specific upgrades
Thanks again, I really appreciate any comments I can get. It's also really cool to see you're enjoying the combat, a lot of people said it was too hard. I'll probably implement difficulty levels.

i really like the game it is very fun kinda like motrodovania type game love it, tho there are only 2 types of enemy it is very fun, tho at first i did not know what the specteral damage and the blue health bar was but after understanding it and getting the hang of it made it fun it was also a bit challenging with increasing enemies but nice game. a new enemy type that could be added could be an enemy that can use time and can do specteral damage to you t, it could be a boss but then on later levels it could appear as a normal mob kinda like doom eternal does

Seminix responds:

It is an interesting idea to add bosses that then become normal enemies, I might implement that in the final game. I plan on adding more enemy types and bosses, although I don't know if they will use time as the player does. Thanks for your feedback and review!

This is neat, it's just that when enemies are abundant the most effective approach is to either pick them off one by one or cheese them on a high platform

EDIT: There better be levels involving jumping the same way you go to a certain room

Seminix responds:

Yeah, I only managed to implement two enemy types, and the fastest way to increase difficulty was to increase their amount in levels. I will add more enemy types to hopefully create more interesting combat options and stop the player from cheesing the game. Also good job on finding the easter egg!

the game is really fun and flowy, with the main issue being how long the rewind ability takes to recharge. 4 full seconds is a lot in an action game, and a reduction or even removal of the cooldown could seriously improve the pacing.

Seminix responds:

I totally agree with you. The rewind is the main focus of the game, and in testing I lowered it all the way from 10 seconds to 4. However, I will probably not lower the cooldown anymore, unless through upgrades or power-ups. I will instead add more abilities that will make the rewind less necessary to use. Thanks for your feedback!

Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2020
9:19 AM EDT