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Belthagor Talks About Stuff

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Yomuchan sez:

Newgrounds' very own community member Belthagor talks about his opinions on a variety of things such as hobbies, experiences, life choices and more in this short fireside speech which I admit is pretty badly animated. I apologize for the lack of subtitles, but ack, busy with IRL work...


Contents of the speech since Yomuchan was rushed at work and wont be home until the weekend.

"You know, if theres something I've learned from video games and technical stuff, it's that they overload your cpu. Would you use up one or two more degrees increase in cpu to record a session? You might or you might not, but you'd get much more out of it, footage you can upload somewhere. I personally play games to entertain people, that's the main reason I play them, and I think other people are just wasting time not doing anything productive. A lot of people, when I explain it, say things like "Oh I have no idea you felt that way."

As time passes you grow up, go to school, get a carreer. At first you are afraid of spending, as a child, you start to obtain money in your first career. You spend more, you get more experience and you get paid more, you get less and less afraid of spending and investing in things. I think my gaming hobby being turned into something meaningful reflects on the beginnings of what to do to be more successful in life. Make sure some of the things you do have benefit, both to yourself and other people, to entertain, to inspire, and find new mechanics ingame or in life.

If you were buying a house, the majority of that cost is the land, not the materials, or the wiring of the house, or the labor for engineering and architecting it. Wouldn't you spend an extra small amount percent wise to buy a house that lasts much longer? Or isn't too hot in the summer? I think a lot of people don't make investments in places where they should, penny pinching in places where you could get much more bang for your buck.

You save money, but it shortens your life. You commit to a hobby, but you don't gain anything out of it, if at least memories which will last a long time after you pass way, that other people can view and be inspired by. This is why I think young people should invest more in themselves and in their purchases. Create more, but most importantly of all, make sure you have more reasons for the things you do."

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Everything becomes a gamble once you're old enough

I spend my money on food.

Belthagor responds:

I spend my money on @SevenSeize... I wish.