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(Moved) The Resourceful Kid (In Development)

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Author Comments

The game has been moved here! Gamejolt Page

The full game will have you exploring the map to find items to explore more, this is in development though, so the gameplay is not final in any way.

Controls are:

Arrow keys to move, Space to jump, Z to continue text, X to skip text, D to interact, A to open the inventory, and Z, X, C, and V to use items.


If you reach the edge of the screen and it does not transition, that path has not been made yet!

This is also on gamejolt! I will post devlogs on gamejolt! Gamejolt Page

The windows .exe file on gamejolt has controller support!

This game does not have every item planned in it's current state, to see every item, view this game instead! https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/764207

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A nice concept but the dificulty can be frustrating.

teambrethil responds:

Thanks for the review!
I am going to make the spiders easier. (Assuming that is what makes it difficult for you.)

Update: Done!

A great game, there isn't a lot to complain about really. The enemies in my opinion are a bit too easy though.
My game also stops working once I get a "shovel from a bear(?)"

teambrethil responds:

Thanks for the review!
The next update coming soon will fix the shovel glitch.

Update: Done!

Definite improvement, but for me the game freezes eveery time I get the shovel. I think it might have something to do with having to jump to get it, but I'm not a programer. Its also frustrating trying to hit spiders with rubberbands.

teambrethil responds:

Thanks for your review!
The next update will fix the shovel glitch, and the spiders might have to be easier.

Update: Done!

Game froze when I got the shovel. The bear was up on the smaller block and I am wondering if the reason it froze was because I jumped through it. Also the spiders seem rather difficult to hit with the rubber bands.. not sure if that is intentional or if it isn't possible in this version. In the previous build I was able to gather all of the items and everything seemed to work fine.

Consider, however, as you get items or have a need for items having tool tips/tutorial like things. For example.. you get hurt by the first spider after trying to jump on it like a newb. have the character say "Ouch that hurt. I could probably heal if I could find some berries. (Press S to eat berries) or (Press C to search bushes for berries)"

Also what is the deal with the cats covered in rubber bands? I mean they aren't bad enemies, they are just odd.. they don't seem menacing, and the character doesn't say anything about them (granted I never got hit... I suppose I could try that... Nope, nothing. and grabbing the shovel freezes even when the bear is on level ground.. lamesauce.

I do look forward to seeing what you do with this, I have been liking your test builds, but I feel like it has quite a ways yet to go.

teambrethil responds:

Thanks for the review!
I will try and fix the shovel, add more of a tutorial, the spiders are being hit they just are pitch black so the red tint does not come through, and the cats covered in rubber bands are supposed to be rats, but I will try and make them look like rats.

Update: Done!

Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2020
7:21 PM EDT