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Dark Maze

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Author Comments

This is a game in which you have to escape a monster that is chasing you. You have to collect to orbs which are scattered in the maze. When you collect all the orbs, the monster will die and you will win. Here is the link for the downloadable version of this game : https://abhinav-arora.itch.io/dark-maze

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The only horror in this game seems to be the tiny field of view. If you think that adds something positive to the game think again. Maybe there is a monster chasing me, maybe there are orbs somewhere in the maze, I wouldn't know because I can only see a tiny circle. Perhaps you did this in an attempt to hide poor level design or the fact that nothing even has the most rudimentary textures on it. I didn't work. I was, however, unfortunately able to see enough to know the halls aren't stitched together very well and even parts of the floor are different colors (which at first I took to be some sort of a hint at a path. Silly me. It became quickly clear that it was just the designer not caring enough to make certain that things were uniform. There are a number of these pointless lines.. So I sat my character at the end of a hallway and waited.. After waiting for what seemed like forever with nothing happening other than the background music/sounds looping I have come to the conclusion that the author didn't bother to add a monster.. After wandering the 'maze' for a while I am also under the assumption that the author didn't bother adding orbs either. So we have a poorly designed maze without a monster or orbs and thus no objective...

Ultimately I was able to escape the maze by simply closing the game. It was a satisfying ending and I somehow wonder if that was actually the ending the author intended.

In a sense perhaps the game is just being meta we are trapped in this maze you see of games, so many games that we could play but so much of it is all the same that we seek constantly these orbs of fun while being chased by the monster of time. Ultimately to realize that the trap is internal and the monster is in fact our treasure wasting away from us by playing a game that obviously has no point. Ultimately if we reach this epiphany we can close the game and move on to something else. Otherwise time remains the monster and ultimately consumes us as we have wasted it. We never find our orbs because they exist outside of the game. A masterful stroke I might add in the poorly stitched together maze, it almost begs to be closed but we, the player, hold undying faith that a game will have a purpose an objective. The field of view also hold a clue of the deception and inception of the game, the dot at the center is certainly a recursive view of the game screen mostly blackness it looks like nothing more than a dot, but it is secretly infinite you's playing infinite games wishing to find a single orb. Bravo I say!

Nah, I revert to my original opinion, it is a shoddy game that wasn't finished.

This needs quite a bit of work to make it better.

I know that the lighting is there to make it scary, but it's really hard to see where you're going.

Without some sort of map it's just wandering around randomly as it all looks the same. Perhaps include a map that you uncover as you go. Also, having different textures for areas would be useful. Things like arches, doorways, windows and other decoration would help you know if you've been somewhere before.

I did not find a single orb. Perhaps they could project a beam of light up into the sky so you have an idea of where they are? I don't even know how many there are.

Rather than just have the one floor you could have steps leading up to walkways. It would make it more interesting and allow players to look over parts of the maze to try and figure out where to go.

Overall it just needs some way to guide the player around and some polish.

Very nice and creepy.
The interface and the control aren't the best, there is room for improvement.

Credits & Info

2.84 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2020
2:27 AM EDT