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Tortilla Time 2002

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You're a Latin American kid, and your mom sent you go buy tortillas, but...

What are you gonna spend the money on?

Shoutouts to JoeJourney and Mimny for keeping in touch and carrying this all the way, we did this in 72 hours pretty much and they did an AMAZING JOB rescuing this project.

Anyways, thanks for watching!


Edit 2: We won 7th place! https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1456645 Thank you so much everybody! <3

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I really liked the style and animation! your characters are great and the fighting was fun to watch, and the end fight was cool too! I loved the little references like peppa pig and madness in the character select screen, or the coin bag being bells from animal crossing haha

This is great! I love it!!!

who here is voting for donald trump

The neighborhood, the errand, the friendly random kid you meet and wave off over a game, King of Fighters, the Rainbow Edition-esque version of the game, the overwhelming temptation to misuse the money you've been given - this movie is great for hitting home for a universal audience while also specifically conveying the childhood of many Mexicans and South-Americans. Thank you for making this.

This hits home