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DrawRunner: Browser edition

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Author Comments

"W" - Jump

"S" - Slide

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a very good game score: 6258 and try to stop the overlapping/stacking problem that is how i died

I like the game. I play alot of infinite runners and this is on the better side. I do have a few critiques but before that I just want to compliment the game. I really enjoy the drawing theme. I don't see that used very often and I enjoy seeing it whenever it comes up. I love that you drew everything in the game, even the numbers. I always enjoy jiggly text, it really adds to the unique personality of this game. I like the lottery sim thing you added to the title screen and that it's literally just numbers that have no meaning. That made me laugh. I like "coins" and med kits designs. Cute and simple. When you take damage or get healed those arrows just scattering around the character was cool. The gameplay is fun and has that strangely addicting quality of infinite runners. I played for about an hour before making this and I'll probably play another hour after this. The music is pretty good too. Now on to some critiques
1. The Controls
When controlling Stickman, their jumps were a bit too floaty and long. Often I would be jumping over a spike and have a spike directly where I'm landing and I couldn't have moved out of the way because I hadn't touched the ground yet. A floaty long jump would be ok if not for the spikes. (check out 3. RNGness) Also just as a side note. I would suggest making the controls space for jumping and S for sliding or W and S. Those are the dominant ways of playing a game and can be uncomfortable when playing with different keys but, I didn't mind the shft and down arrow inputs all that much. I'm mainly saying this for your future games.
2. The Screen
The screen is hard to look at sometimes. There can be too many things on screen at once; i.e. the green arrows and red arrows when gaining/ losing health, the two spike variants, and the "coins"/ med kits. Especially when you go faster in the game it can be very hectic and feel messy. I think that messy feeling is due to the texture for the floor and spikes . If you could just make that a solid color or fill in the white for a gray; I think that would really help with that messy, unpolished feeling.
3. RNGness
The RNG in this game is pretty good. I noticed that when there was spikes under the floating spikes they would disappear, thank you for that. Lots of beginner infinite runners forget that that might be a problem so, thank you for doing that. Now, on to the RNGness of the spikes. There were multiple times where I couldn't land safely without getting hit because there was so many spikes next to each other, this happens mainly when the game gets faster. I know you can't control where spikes go but, you can put limits on how close a spike can come to another spike. I don't know how to code those limitations but, I know you can probably find a tutorial on that kind of thing.
4. Animation
The animation was great, loved it. Only critique is for the main character to be more expressive maybe, have a landing animation or a jump animation. I think it would add more personality to the character.

Overall, a good game with a few quirks here and there. I can't wait to see more form you as a developer.

Edit: Thank you so much for considering my suggestions and improving them! I love the new background and two new modes. I'm so glad that you updated the game. I looks and feels much better then before. Also, nice quick work.

VNGames responds:

Thank you so much! I wilI consider your suggestions, next update very soon, again, thanks! Edit: thank you, your suggestions very important to me! yes, also sometimes check messages, i will sent you message if i will update this game!)))

I understand it is a infinity runner but would it be possible so the map being created happens off screen? it is kinda annoying when you try to slide and a spike pops up in front of you and vise versa, I know you can jump when you slide and slide when you jump but sometimes it is not quick enough, this is the only reason it gets 2.5 stars

VNGames responds:

uhh.... cant do better... idk how.. EDIT: do not slide for no reason, spikes are automatically removed if slide is needed

Sometimes you can't even avoid the spikes.

VNGames responds:

the game was intended this way

the controls are pretty bad you can change the controls to space for jump and s for slide and if you can make it look a bit better

VNGames responds:


Credits & Info

2.36 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2020
12:17 PM EDT