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How to fend off Geese

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Here is my entry into the 2020 Neo Geo Jam.

My memories of the Neo Geo are not many quantity, but some of the warmest gaming memories I will ever have.

My experience with the Neo Geo first came from an arcade unit. When I was young I went on a holiday to france. The holiday park we stayed at had a Neo Geo Machine. of course with the little coins I had I spent them all at the machine, particularly enamoured by what I remember to be one of the KOF games but alas, my child mind didnt decide to rember the exact names of the games, just that they were ''_______fighter'' and weren't the ones with Ryu. Alot of time would pass until a friend of mine told me about this ''Geese'' Guy who was going to be in Tekken. I didnt know the name immediately but one google search later and I found he was a villain born of the Neo Geo. I was floored by the memories rushing back to me and I was re-united with the heroes of Southtown once again.

I learned alot during this animation. I learned alot about blender...and that I should budget my time better, even though I really like how this turned out, extra time could always make it better.

The voice of the narrator was done by personal friend Ryan Mc Grath. He doesn't have a Newgrounds account but his Instagram is @son_of_waluigi and he posts fun illustrations, He turned a good script into a fantastic one so please check him out.


The Soy Sauce for Geese remix is by Mars Bars:


The ending credits music is a remix of Psycho Solider by My New Soundtrack:


Big thanks to everyone who helped bring this animation together and to the wonderful organizers and donors of this animation jam.

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Ending song is great

Pretty nice for what it is, didn't go on for too long, and jokes were sparse but well timed. Sound design could definitely use some work though. Mainly the sound effects, music and Voices worked well enough.

At least it wasn't a horse-sized duck or one-hundred duck-sized horses.

ShansGrand responds:

I dunno, I'd take my chances with those over Geese Howard

I liked this very much but the animation was really lacking and the jokes weren't that strong, but I liked that it didn't go on forever so that I didn't have to suffer through a ton.

The music wasn't bad and there wasn't a lot of overuse of sound bytes from the original games, so there's that. It's fine if you choose a different art style different from the games. I just wish Andy didn't look like an amorphous blob.

This felt like a missed opportunity to talk about the Zaneiken from the first game and made me wish I made my own toon. GG, A for effort.

Geese can be such jerks.