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Superficial Xerox NEO-GEO

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I'm not an artist at SNK, never was. I'm just a fan copying what I like. Hence the title.

Everything in this film was drawn from scratch between the competition's announcement on July 25th and the deadline of August 30th. The only exception being the NEO-GEO logo.


Gamers of the mid-90's grew older, and many of them grew up. The power put into enjoying SNK games waned, not helped by the company's own bankruptcy. With a financial resurgence and a new generation of people invested in games, the SNK brand managed a second wind and the NeoGeo saw new light - be it through new manufactured hardware, the rerelease of classic titles on modern consoles and computers, or the discovery of old cabinets and systems and ROMs.

Newgrounds was one of the original homes of edgy Flash movies and edgy spriteart parodies, and this very scattershot little film pays homage both to SNK and to this website's own roots. If you enjoyed SNK back in the day or have discovered it recently, I hope you find some value here. And if you feel disillusioned with the modern era of gaming or feel burnt out on gaming as a whole, please keep the new generation of young gamers in mind as they grow up forming their own tastes and memories. "The Future Is Now" has another meaning to some of us.

I didn't manage to get quite everything I wanted into the film, so I'll take another week or fortnight to put it all together, edit some graphics to look nicer, etc. If you have suggestions or questions, characters you were surprised didn't get in or glad they were, etc, feel free to leave them here.


EDIT [06/09/2020] -- Daily 2nd, Weekly User's Choice, Frontpaged, thumbnail displayed where the news/contest banners normally go, and 1st place in the Neo-Geo Jam's Animation category. I'm glad my passion and month-long work were both vindicated. If you haven't already, please check out the results thread - on top of the previously announced categories, a few new ones were created specifically to highlight some real feats of time and effort in the jam.

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Absolutely beautiful art and plenty of Neo Geo character cameos, both popular and obscure. What a fantastic platform Neo Geo was, and still is! :]


very good until you want to play them again

It’s orgasmic, thank you for making this

The Legend Will NEVER DIE...