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Drake Madduck Is Lost In Time

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Author Comments

Drake Madduck Is Lost In Time is a 2D metroidvania in which you play as Drake, a duck scientist that travels through time with his time machine, and AI companion,


This game was created for Brackeys Gamejam 2020.2

theme for which was "Rewind"



Noel Jasik - Coding, Game & Level Design

Alex Perry - Music, SFX, Writing

BigWhiteShogun - Art, Game & Level design

Bartosz "Sztobar" Szewczyk - Camera & Additional Coding

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It needs a way to save, and it is too easy to accidentally leave and lose all your progress. Plants fire a bit fast, and it would be nice if there was some way to dodge.

cool game i just think it could run smoother in my opinion

Interesting and fun but i only wish it was longer.

Really interesting title, i had a great time playing, i was a little confused as to where to go and where i was but nothing too extreme, i wasn't lost, if i had to say something negative, putting the I/O buttons to use the gun wasn't at all comfortable for me, maybe, since WASD is the movement control you can use the arrow keys to use it, but thats just me, the art style and music look awesome, this aesthetic is really enjoyable.
great experience

Noeloskar responds:

Thanks, there are many control layouts in game, you can play with arrow keys + zxc. or play with a controller

Pretty neat Metroid-style game with an impressive amount of exploration and upgrades to collect! Had a fairly good time guiding my Scrooge Mcduck through the levels and battling it out. I did have some difficulties with the game, though. For one, it might just be me, but I felt like there were too many interruptions in the game with text-pop-ups that kinda killed the pacing, and the text was very small and difficult to read. The text-pop-ups were funny and such so it helped, but I felt like they could be a little less wordy, or be more visual when introducing mechanics. Next, there were a lot of times where I wasn't sure if something was a death pit or a transition to a lower level: might be handy if there was an arrow or something to indicate if its safe. The biggest complaint was the gun and the lack of feedback on it: for some things, like rewinding the birds, it worked well for you see they immediately start to show signs of being affected, but for other objects like platforms, rubble, seed projectiles, etc, you don't see any changes until you hold the beam for a long time on it, so much time that you might assume you're not even affecting it at all. Definitely has a lot of potential and is pretty good already, just feel like it needs some extra polish to it to make it flow better!

Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2020
5:13 AM EDT
  • Unity
  • Gimp