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Outta Juice!

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Made in a week for Robot Day 2020~

Get through all 20 levels of this grid based puzzle game and get that JUICE back.


Move: Arrow Keys, WASD Keys / DPad, Face Buttons

Reset: R / R1

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the only reason im playing this is to find out what happened to my juice

I had a lot of fun, is kinda nerve wreking at times, but is an amazing concept, really fun to play

Pretty cool puzzler with a decent concept that I think stubs its toe a bit with the design. I like the whole idea of building an ideal route to make it through a level with limited resources: for example, do I go risk going the wrong way to grab the juice power-up, or do I have enough to go straight to the end with my current juice levels? The problem was that, since the levels are so large and the camera so zoomed-in, you aren't able to plan these smart decisions: you end up just needing to trial and error these dead-end trap routes until you figure out the proper way. The limited visibility reduces the game from a smart game to a guessing game: did you pick the right route or not, who knows, whoops it was a dead end! When you get the partner who mirrors your movements later it gets even more frustrating since they can move off-screen and you have no way to keep track of them, you just have to memorize everything from previous runs! Basically, even though I had fun, it was frustrating and I had a lot of issues making it through the levels: I think it would work so much better if you could just see the entire map. Also, it wasn't until one of the later levels which seemed to be absolutely impossible did I realize you can move diagonally: would be helpful if the game could let you know you have those options in a better manner since they don't seem to work with the initial concept: maybe have the character sprite surrounded by eight-directional arrows at all times?