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A Starlike Expedition

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Gelatin and Naily bravely take a trip to a dangerous place to see a rare constellation, but their plans go awry, as they discover that they must return to the set by next morning! Will they successfully see the stars? What will happen later on? Watch to find out in this adventurous story!

NOTE: This fanfiction does not intend to be continuous with the canon (just like the non-canon You're a Loser But isn't continuous with the canon); it involves a noncanonical competition show where Four, X and Two are all hosts. It also does not take place during August 2020 (note it takes place on March 19, 2021).

BFDI, BFB, and most of the assets (c) Michael, Cary, Satomi, Pokey and the rest of the crew!

Febreze, Resol (c) me

And I shall credit various cartoons (especially MLP:FiM) for the influence of the storyline!

The music are various compositions of mine.

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