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illwillpress in HD

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Illwillpress replied to my comment and explained why he had to delete his old submissions. You can read it here. You can also see my reply to his reply at the bottom of the page.

I think this "drama" ends here, at least for me. I'm thankful to the people who made parody cartoons and talked about this situation because they spread the word and from what I understand all the comments were the reason Jim realized the problem. I apologize to illwillpress for being mean towards him on my cartoon, even if it was for comedic effect, and on Newgrounds. I thought he knew about the situation and was ignoring it. I'm glad to see that wasn't the case. ✌


For the past few days, illwillpress has been reuploading his old submissions (up to 2-3 movies a day). He is clogging up the Daily Picks with his spam, while he could just edit his old submissions to have the HD versions. This is a problem for many animators including me who are working on actual new cartoons. This is a quick cartoon about illwillpress's recent actions that I find morally wrong and a dick move. Actual new cartoons coming soon, preferably when illwillpress stops spamming the portal.

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Oh crap. Looks like I'm guilty too!
EDIT: 12/26/20: All done!

I did not cum, I arrived.

the animation is alright, but i disagree with your message.

i mean, maybe illwillpress reuploading his animations is lazy, but he is also exposing a new generation of newgrounds users to his amazing work in hd. i don't see how this is a bad thing tbh

I mean, it's shit, but I'm here for it.

Still more worthy of a daily award than a reupload of something you made 20 years ago.

and yes then, now what illwillpress he's going up, his old flashes remastered, to the page.
when she was able to remastered them in her old flashes, since it shows in tongues, that she wants someone to recognize her for her old days of fame that was on the page before retiring in 2013, and then return to this page to delete all her flashes old and re-upload it, thus causing a great stagnation of illwillpress.

Likewise, still making her the most hateful, when in her old successes, she was hateful for her irritating and annoying character with the shrill, foamy voice.
Now she will be hated for re-uploading her old remastered flashes, instead of making new flashes, re-upload her old flashes!!! >:(