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  • To interact, you click stuff.
  • To use items, you drag and drop them.

That's literally it.

This is an update of another game I made with the same title, minus the "update" part of it, and I figured it would get more views if it was newer. There aren't many changes, but here's the original anyway: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/763604

Also the music is just placeholder cuz im 2 lazy 2 find different music

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It's kind of disappointing, I solved most the puzzles in this point-and-click game just by lack of other options. I gathered all four items just from the fact that there wasn't anything else to click in the room. I knew how to use them from lack of anything to do besides the intended use: there's not much logic.

I don't understand *why* the main character isn't afraid to shove their hand in an urinal, but won't touch a fish. I don't understand where they are and where they're going, which kind of matters for logic puzzles (although kind of nitpicking, it'd be useful to know I should be looking for hidden entrances because I'm in a prison, for example. Why was there a tunnel in the wall.)

Heck, with the odd scenarios and humor you have, say MC is hungover and knows no more about what's going on than I do, that's an idea. Keep the used items, too. If you have more than one tool you could try, there's more of a puzzle. Should I use the stick or the knife for the picture frame? Who knows?

Also, I'm assuming that, like the first version this one doesn't have content past the number pad. Keep the warning for your game's end there. I went around the map thrice seeing if anything changed.

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2.63 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2020
3:19 PM EDT
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