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Robotech Director's Cut 2

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Just when you thought it couldn't get any more hilarious, I went ahead and made a sequel to it. Now, I could have ton another sex oriented one (beleive me, I have a TON of audio in Robotech to do 6 of those), but I wanted to be more creative so I did one based on drugs.

The file size is larger than my first one, but there's a reason for it. The audio is better, I've added backrounds and I think it's a tad longer. Plus, I went through EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of the Macross Saga to find these quotes. Please write some reviews too.

UPDATE: Robotech Director's Cut 3 is now up!

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Well now, gonna' be a long trip.

Spot on man, spot on!

Now that's funny!

"The skull is our last chance!" This was very funny. Sure, the animation wasn't hi-tech, but good enough to allow the humor show.

HAHA Starscream!

I just started watching Robotech with a long-time fan of the Macross Saga (My pops) and i know a little about Robotech, but that was Funny when they were high and they saw Starscream and the Transformers Movie! I'm a HUGE fan of TF and it was funny good job man...good job....



that was so much acid that it made my head spin just thinking

I knew it.

As I thought, Gloval and the bridge were high! Thanks, man! I LMAO!