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Neo Geo Revenge!

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i don't know anything but Marco from metal hug 3


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newgrounds the Anime anyone?

This gave me quite a few good laughs. The lipflap timing can be improved to only include when there's actually speech taking place, as opposed to until the audio file ended.

The animation could of used some work (especially in polishing the expressions, it felt like it needed more exaggerated and over the top expressions)
Some jokes landed, some felt a little too "Lamo Random". I say focus your jokes more and you got a solid footing. Still, got a smile out of me, so goodluck in future.

Wandaboy responds:

thanks will keep those in mind <3

Even with a small part it was a pleasure workin with you. Silly animations are always fun. Turned out great. Defo has room for improvement, but I can see a lot of potential here and you really put yourself into your work. Keep goin for it.

Awesome Totally awesome! I'm giving myself a 10/10 out of this one!