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Bear 'n' Burd

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Bear Authentic 5 Points

Sit through a loading screen.

Loopin'! 5 Points

Start Game 2.

Hellfire 10 Points

100% Hailfire Peaks.

Life's A Beach 10 Points

100% Treasure Trove Cove.

Spiraling Out Of Control 10 Points

100% Spiral Mountain.

Die, Mortal! 25 Points

Locate the secret screen.

Smelly Pollution 25 Points

100% Grunty Industries.

Too Easy 50 Points

100% Game 1.

Not Even Scratch 100 Points

Complete the game without getting hit.

Author Comments

What if Banjo-Kazooie was made in 1983? This is a question you probably haven't asked yourself, but I have, thus Bear 'n' Burd was born! Bear 'n' Burd takes the addictive collectathon gameplay and mixes it with the arcade-style mannerisms of a ZX Spectrum game! Jump, Climb, jump, and jump your way through 4 classic levels reimagined with the constraints of an old british computer with authentic graphics and sound to boot!


Penny Rigate does not own Banjo, Kazooie,Bottles,or Gruntilda Winkybunion, this game is made as a tribute to games by Rare Ltd. Characters and enemies are

(c) Rare Ltd. with the exception of the Racing mouse which is (c) Rockstar North. ACG and Ultimate Play The Game Are trademarks of Rare.

Tips 4 u:

If you have at least 1 egg you can press down (X when using controller two button mode) and shoot the egg at enemies, try shooting anything that moves!


If you have an egg free by the end of the level shoot it at the most annoying enemy you can find.


Try to collect as many things as possible in a short amount of time without dying, that way you can get the best level bonuses.


If you walk off a ledge you'll fall straight down.


There's a note door somewhere with a very small quota, it might be your ticket to getting an out of reach jiggy!

Articles 4 u (if you are confused):




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Fun and simple

The pixel like elements made it an atari classic love the use of colors the control system could be smoother I really love these types of game submissions while they dont get the recognition they deserve but they are interesing and unique in there own way and do deserve some extra points, Now thats ofcourse if you put in the effort but as for this one I found it to be pretty Spectacular regardless, control system could be smoother


this shits cool

Minecraft loads faster on my chromebook than this game.

Like, Minecraft 1.17

On my cheap, used $100 chromebook

i love this

What qualifies as 100%? Do I just need to collect everything, or can I not die or something?

PennyRigate responds:

Collect everything without getting a game over

Credits & Info

3.11 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2020
5:05 PM EDT
  • GameMaker Studio 2