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Now, I see potential in this, however the game is very boring, there's little variety in the weapons, the enemies, but the art is pretty decent I'll add. I enjoy, not for long, but I did have a swell time. You need music or at least sound effects, you are giving a very eary tone, it doesn't have to be amazing, just has to fit, elevator music or just simple bang sound effects. I think you can do better, your art is very cutesy and I think that can catch an audience.

The upgrade options seem broken and veriaty is limited. Other than that, a pretty standard tower defence game.

The concept is fine. The background and character designs are okay. It would be better if there was music to accompany the tone or sound effects to add personality as it seems bland. Also the upgrading seems a bit random with some equipment being able to be upgraded and some unable to be improved upon.