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Ben Was Assimilated

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Author Comments

Ben Was Assimilated is a hack n slash style game where things only move when you do. Includes assimilation.


  • Start hacking and slashing right away
  • Around half an hour of gameplay
  • Sassy Derbyshire commentary
  • No level grinding
  • Instant respawn if you die
  • Wide variety of enemies, monsters and innocent farm animals to kill
  • Wide variety of weapons and equipment to find
  • Includes a randomiser which randomises all weapon and equipment - this makes the game easier at the beginning and harder at the end
  • Includes permadeath option just incase you enjoy playing games over from the start
  • Options to flip controls and for AZERTY keyboards


  • Edward Atkin - Programming, music and sound
  • Richard Kerry - Music and moral support
  • Ben Fearn - Concept design help and moral support
  • Kenney.nl - graphics (link to asset pack)

Other references

Derbyshire dialect features prominently through the game. I based a lot of the dialogue on someone I know, but also used a couple of pages for ideas:

I found some really nice tools by Cedric Stoquer whilst making this game and I used them for making sound and music:

Updated 21/08/20:

  • Added checkpoints
  • There's an arrow after first assimilation to guide you back en-route
  • The weapon shop now tells you about weapons
  • Increase spawn rates of health from 33% to 50%
  • Removed a debug key I forgot about
  • Rebalanced the great sword (the 35 coin sword) because it was basically rendered useless 10 seconds after buying it

Updated 13/10/20:

  • The ending/death screens has text that shouldn't be there and I never noticed. Removed it now.

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The dialect! I thought this was great fun, though I couldn't tell what the attack values were for shop items. Idk where I was supposed to look, or if that portion of the update was accidentally left out.

EAtkin responds:

Hey thanks! Awesome to hear you had fun!
I put a question mark thing next to the shops, you step on it and it should pop up a box to tell you about the weapon for sale. It shows it using symbols, tried to go textless mostly because I don't have a whole lot of screen real estate since the font is so big, but the symbols are described on the 'how to play' screen.

i regret pressing F

EAtkin responds:

lol I swear I removed that 😂
(edit: turns out you have to actually press "publish changes" to publish changes)

Really nice art and music, gameplay is confusing but you get a hang of it fast!
I'd say maybe put the checkpoints a bit closer to one another, I for my life cannot find the second one.

EAtkin responds:

The second checkpoint you will walk through at some point if you follow the path around the lake. That is the longest stretch of the game though, a half-way checkpoint could be nice for sure

I would probably rate this game higher if Universal Thief wasn't a thing. The game is interesting, but feels half-baked. The games mechanics are never clearly explained; for ex. The Assimilate mechanic is unclear( I had no idea why I couldn't respawn after dying to the first boss), shop items have no descriptions(I bought multiple weapons that were worse than what I already had), and I got hit by Aoe's multiple times simply because I didn't know it was an Aoe attack. In the late game, every enemy basically insta-kills you, and because of how healing works, it's quicker to just kill yourself than heal. Projectiles are near useless since melee weapons have AoE effects and enemies move too erratically to predict. I know this probably sounds like I hate this game, but I really don't, the graphics, music, and concepts are really fun. I'd love to see how you improve and look forward to seeing more.

EAtkin responds:

Thanks for playing, appreciate your comments!
I tried to balance the shopkeeper items so you could pretty much afford everything if you killed everyone, but of course there is some randomness in that. The forest at the end has a few crossbows you can pick up which make the area significantly easier. Some of the enemies drop them too. Also the enemies can mostly only attack directly infront, so if you stay on diagonals you're pretty safe from them.
Anyway sounds like you had at least an acceptable time playing so glad to hear it :D

Oh, so that's why all the NPCs wanted me dead...

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2020
9:23 AM EDT
  • GameMaker Studio 2