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Put Bowsette in a blender to die

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shit, that scared me

You start the game with a picture of Bowsette in a picture of a blender with only two choices, turn on, and off. I didn't think much until i realized this ultimatum, my curiosity immediately began growing as i moused over to the on button not knowing what to expact. After clicking on I was met with the earraping sound of a blender on a computer that had 4 speakers unintentionally left on max volume, I feel this was the best way to capture the essence of the game and must be unintentional for the surprising shock factor you get from it. It makes you truly feel as if you're there watching a jpeg Bowsette get blended to shreds only to notice that when you turn it off, she still persists, so i turn it on again leaving it on longer this time out of sheer curiosity, a curiosity that drives me to commit murder without a shred of guilt, however after several minutes she persists still.
But then i began taking a more philosophical look at this game. Perhaps there is a much deeper meaning in this than what we see on the surface, Perhaps the spinning flashing pictures of the same picture of a bloodstain symbolizes the repetitive circle of live, the blender is the cage and Bowsette is humanity. Changed and disfigured and hated by all we flip the switch on ourselves as we all drive to destroy and contain all our sins at the click of a button only to realize i forgot to clean my browsing history on my grandmas laptop several years ago when i googled titties for the first time i wish I could go back and smash the fucking pc 10/10 I recommend this game for all your friends and families.

ZabuJard responds:


This Game is Better Than Sex It has Emotions Its Amazing There are Sad Parts In The Short Amazing Game


games like 'red dead redemption 2' and 'spiderman (ps4)' pale in comparison to the beautiful graphics and story of this game, it is truly too deep for the normal person to understand, but as gamers, I think we can all see the true meaning and stunning beauty of this game