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Mr. Fujiwara's Office

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Created to demonstrate a new animation technique. A grid-like mask selects every fourth pixel of a 1280x720 animation into an upscaled jiggling and jostling 640x360 animation. The mask cycles through all four sets of pixels at a rate of 15 fps.

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I'm speechless.

You press "play". The game enters a cutscene. You see the exterior of the building you work in in the game, which seems to be a radio thing of some sort. You see a man, presumably the main character walk in to the office, with another person behind a wall next to him. The man begins to speak. "Mr. Fujiwara. This morning you gave me a pink slip, employee of the month award, and mother's day card. All at the same time. I'd like to know what is going on here, as I am the last remaining employee." "Can you hear me?". The camera goes to a scene with the person behind the wall, Mr. Fujiwara pouring gasoline onto a plant. "Mr. Fujiwara. You've been acting very... irrational lately." Mr. Fujiwara lights the plant with gasoline on fire, with a chomping sound. Mr. Fujiwara begins to speak, with smoke covering the facility behind him. "Fetch me a fire extinguisher. A good one, with the foam." Gameplay begins, and you are in a 3D first person facility with hallways. In the top left it says "Mission: Get the fire extinguisher with the foam before the facility catches on fire!" with a timer counting down.
Anyways, good video! I really like how it looks like a game and the art style looks like it wouldn't ever be able to be drawn by a human.

Been watching you for a long time now on youtube. Its great to see you explain your processes here on NG ! Keep doin what u do. You and the wainstop crew are very interesting folk.

You have exercised utmost discernment, far beyond that of the layman