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Foxtail's Business v0.1

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Author Comments

Hey Player!


We hope you enjoy our second game, Foxtail's Business! If you're confused, try hitting the in game "Help" button for some brief explanation.

Each day you'll be dealt a set of ideas. These ideas will all cost energy or money, or sometimes both! You can see how much you have of each at the top of the screen. The effects of these ideas can be found at the bottom of the card. They can increase your money at the cost of energy, they can increase Foxtail's tongue or sex stats, or do a number of other things!

Some ideas resolve immediately, some resolve the next day. Wanna know which one a given idea is gonna do? Just look at the icon towards the bottom. Lightning bolts mean the card happens as soon as you click it. Lil sunshine guy means it won't happen until the next morning.

You also get dealt a set of customers to schedule for the night. You can talk with them, give them oral, or have sex with them :O

Each costs more energy than the last, but it's almost always worth it ^_~

Every 5 days, a debt is due. Pay it off, and you'll get access to special, powerful cards.  These can do things like increase Foxtail's energy, increase all her other stats, or give you additional ideas every day!

Can you make it to day 50? Really? How much money can you GET by day 50? See what kind of high score you can land!

If you want a FREE download for the desktop version, come check out our Patreon:


You can also come talk with us about crap at our discord:


See you there!​​

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Now I don't know what the most recent version is, but based off of what I saw here, it's a good demo! If I were any more of a degenerate, and wasn't saving money, I might actually throw a buck or two your way as a symbolic endorsement, but I can't, sorry. Still, I enjoyed my 1st playthrough, even managed to succeed with 450 monies left. Even as the costs ramped up rapidly, and I was growing increasingly desperate, I think I was saved by the early realization that investing in the comics is an absolute necessity if I Wanna survive later on. Which is funny, cos at first I was more curious if I can talk to everyone who was interested in that! (because I wanna think I'm wholesome like that)
However, one thing I almost got a little trapped by, is a situation like this: I talked to three guys in a row, and all of them stiffed me, but I thought the game froze because there was no transition when I clicked. Even if it's just like a simple screenwipe that takes half a second, it'd be a nice if subtle bit of visual feedback to the player that stuff is indeed happening.
A suggestion I would make is also adding the Foxtail on the game screen, somehwere on the side or in the background, just chlling and idling, perhaps with her emotions reflecting how comfortable she is with her financial situation. (nervous if she's got the debt coming up and she doesn't have enough money yet) Maybe her eyes could follow the cursor, just as a minor easter egg to make the game and the player feel a little more connected!
While I have my own ideas about features that could be added, and I don't know your plans for the future, I do sincirely hope that you manage to get this game where you desire it! I'm curious to see what the finished product shall be!

If you're going to have placeholder images in, then don't call it version 1. Version 1 implies that it's a complete product that stands on its own, even if future versions bring bugfixes or more features.

FoxtailVulpes responds:

You might be right. Our philosophy is that we actually want to finish games and move on. I've heard it described as v1.0 should be playable start to finish, and then updates can fill in the gaps. I like that more than the people that do v0.000001 and never make a second game.

Update - Decided we agree. Now it's v0.1 :3

pretty good game, although getting money is pretty easy

FoxtailVulpes responds:

Thanks! We were hoping to deal with bigger numbers - lots of money and lots of debt. It feels more interesting that way.

You promised the lewd but you didn't sloo

FoxtailVulpes responds:

Hey this one's rated M. Art comes slow, but v1.1 has a lewd. 1.2 will have the oral scene, already got a sketch for it!

5220 on first try, looking forward to next update.

FoxtailVulpes responds:

Nice! I hope the balancing is set right. v1.1 is already done, but maybe 1.2 will be a bit tougher. Depends on the feedback.

Credits & Info

3.26 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2020
6:11 PM EDT