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Author Comments

Note: If the game won't start or it's laggy, download it from itch.io.

Update Notes

Version 1.2

  • Adding the new winter map
  • Adding the continuation of the story
  • Improving trees animations
  • Updating player animations

Version 1.1

  • Reducing the hits needed to cut a tree
  • Adding journal sheets spread all over the forest that continues the story 
  • Resolving the bug from the end of the game


  • You are a lumberjack, and also a husband, that wants to get through the awful winter which will come, without any event. On 1 October 1975, you went to the forest to gather wood for the fireplace, because it gets colder and colder. Your wife is waiting with the hope that you will get back safely. Time has passed, but ...


  • W,A,S,D - movement

  • E - interact


  • Top-Down Adventure and Story 

Tools used

  • Unity

  • Aseprite

  • Audacity

  • Sfxr


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Is it just me, or the screen is too dark to play? I just can't see where I'm going

TheBlindEye responds:

Hello, thank you for your feedback. I really don't know why it won't play on low end pcs( i see a black screen too). You can download it from the itch.io page and play it without any problems, or you can use Firefox, and the game will play.
Have a nice day :D

Really? So you describe the game in the blurb as 'A relaxing short game with a big story behind it'. Perhaps you should have just done your blurb like your game 'A relaxing short game with a big story behind it, but...'. But the story is only a story if you make it up. And the game is only relaxing if running around and pressing 'e' a hundred or so times to chop down a ton of trees is something you find relaxing (what, am I chopping wood for the entire winter? Reeks of poor planning on the PCs part, especially as a lumberjack who was presumably not born yesterday. Also chainsaws and other machinery existed in 1975 and a professional lumberjack would have ready access to it. Perhaps in your game and description you meant to say 1875.. I buy that. )

Honestly, even if I did find it relaxing to run around and press e while not feeling like I was accomplishing anything I would be much less relaxed when I found out there was zero payoff.

Spoiler alert! There is no story. At least not one the author cares to share.

That being said, the game did appear to function as it was intended and aside from the really messed up perspective (the trees/fence on the left and right hand side suddenly going sideways) it was actually a kind of pretty game. When I first started playing it I expected there to be more than just an implication that some unknown thing may have happened so I was kind of excited when I finally got all of the bloody trees cut. I even suspected (silly me) that there may be more than one ending or that something would happen different when I started to cut the trees that appeared to be alive still (had green still on them rather than just a barren trunk). So I cut all of the dead trees first, then all of the live ones. So very disappointed.

2.5 stars for being functional and kind of pretty. I would have given it 5 stars, but....

TheBlindEye responds:

The game has a bug because html5 and how unity built the game, like when u complete the game, 5 more text boxes should appear that continues the story, the story ends with "You came home from the forest, but ..." with the character that runs in the snow(sound), which means something happened, but you( the player) have to think about what happened. In the future, I'll make a second game with the continuation of the story. So the " big story" that I wrote, it's in your mind and in anyone else mind. It can be anything, like the wife ran, maybe their child(if they have one) died or whatever u want, just think. If you want screenshots of the story in the end, just let me know.
I have to say I really appreciate that u played my game, it means more to me.
Have a nice day :D

Okay so there isn't much here- the most content the game has is in the description, otherwise I wouldn't even know what story this challenge-less walking sim was trying to tell. And yet, you still felt the need to pad the playtime up to some fifteen minutes? Walking and chopping, the only two things you do, are slow, clunky and unenjoyable. But they are the only things the game asks you to do, while offering you no engagement for doing so.

While you play a game, you should enjoy its main features, not want to get done with them so you can see if there's an ending. Which there wasn't. Only a creaking noise, which after all the silence felt annoyingly like a jumpscare, and a single sentence of ending.

I only give this zero stars because the TITLE SCREEN is more interactive, responsive, and interesting than all the rest of the game...

Make it so the things you do most don't feel agonizingly slow, and add something to draw the player's attention- a story unfolding as you chop the trees, or enemies to fight with your axe, and then you'll have a presentable product. This is just sunk cost fallacy.

(EDIT): ok, if there was meant to be a story unfolding as you chop, then that gives a reward for the player's effort and returns to the aesthetic which drew me in. So, I'll up the score. (I indeed am interested in seeing the story.)

But the fact is that the controls still feel unresponsive and stifling: when you cut a tree, for example, the animation for each chop is long, and the imput required in between chops is kind of a nuisance, asking you to half play attention while not engaging that much. If you wanted the game to be chill and relaxing, that has to change.

(EDIT) (AGAIN): The notes are very vague, and I couldn't figure out how to put them in order. That actually just made me more curious. I did three laps around the map trying to figure out the plot before deciding to see the ending. There was a frame missing... Still, I can tell the story would have stayed open-ended, which I rather liked. With the reduced tree HP, the game indeed was plenty relaxing to go through.

TheBlindEye responds:

Thanks a lot for your feedback, as I told Tainted-Trixter the game has a bug with HTML5 and how unity built it when u cut down all the trees it needs to show 5 more text boxes with the continuation of the story, if you want to see them as screenshots, just let me know.
I really appreciate all the feedback that Im getting and it teaches me how to become a better developer.I have to say again, thank you so so much for playing my game and giving feedback, and Im sorry for the 15 minutes you lost, I just wanted the player just to chill and cut down trees, it was a very fascinating experience making this game. Have a nice day :D

(Edit) Thank you so much for this great feedback and because u gave me second chance. About the missing note, I'll try to figure out what is wrong.
Thank you again and have a nice day :D

Credits & Info

3.31 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2020
8:06 AM EDT