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Combo 5 Points

lvl 3 complete!

Gentlemen 5 Points

lvl 7!

Bruised 10 Points

lvl 1 complete!

Cityslipper 10 Points

lvl 5 complete!

Houdini 10 Points

lvl 4 complete!

Yarg 10 Points

lvl 6 complete!

Zoomer 10 Points

lvl 2 complete!

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments


(the theme for the game jam was "out of control")

It's hard to stay in control 

When you're a banana 


leg movement: left and right arrow keys / gamepad triggers

respawn: R / gamepad B

change level: up and down arrow keys / gamepad dpad LR

fullscreen: F / gamepad select

restart room: Enter / gamepad start

[Hopefully the medals work]

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cant get anywhere but the way the camera just s l o w l y zooms in on you when you get stuck is worth 3 points

Omigosh, I actually really loved this dumb little game. XD Knowing the cheat really helps at the end once you've mastered your technique but keep getting trapped in corners when you have one banana bushel to go! haha I think it would be helpful to have what level it is displayed somewhere on screen, and like another individual here with a colorful username mentioned, I would prefer being able to see the whole screen when playing instead of being zoomed in, especially when there are multiple bananas on screen to control. Honestly, I found the later levels with multiple bananas much easier than the ones where we go solo! Wonderful job with this game.

voxeledphoton responds:

♥ Thanks for the lovely review! Yea the level difficulties are kind of all over the place sorry about that. I'll try to throw in the level title and a keyboard control for toggling the fullview when I get the chance.

There's only one control for me.

i dont understand

voxeledphoton responds:

It takes a bit of trial and error to get used to the controls. Basically when you hold down left or right arrow keys the corresponding leg retracts. If you hold just one arrow you normally end up going in that direction but sometimes you have to time it right when you're flipping and hold both arrows to try and stop the player from moving around so much. When going through the tunnel areas generally it's good to hold down one arrow and sometimes switch if they get stuck. Thanks for playing ♥

you guys are taking this "out of control" theme too literally. I would prefer to zoom out,to have the game screen like when the level starts, as the levels are barely visible when you zoom in and that sucks real hard. Also I hate the controls. Can they be less shitty? I know it's the point, but this is a little too out of control, and if I wreck my computer out of anger, I will send you the bill and sue you for damages

EDIT: thank you for cheating. I am really, I mean, I just... I want you to know that I appreciate it. I just need to press, I....

voxeledphoton responds:

Yea sorry, this was mainly just a fun exercise for me to work with physics and medals so if it's not that enjoyable to you due to the controls I understand.
EDIT: surprised someone found it this early (you found the control outside of controls) XD

Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2020
1:13 AM EDT