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SBC's Way to Salvation!

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Strawberry Clock learns the year 2020 had lead to the clocks having depression.

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this was an excellent CC movie, man!

i liked how well-animated this movie was, with its flawless pace, the fluid animation, the nicely drawn characters and the great face/clock expressions!

as for the story, it was hilarious!
i liked seeing SBC trying to make his loyal subjects happy, and to cheep up his fellow clocks, albeit in an aggressive, chaotic way!

there were many good inside-jokes and visual puns, from jamba clock's obsession with sonic and the ''gotta go fast'' famous line, to flopydisk wanting to become ''very strong'', to SBC's list of chores for pop-tart to do, which included ''firing the DMW employee for not allowing SBC ''to drive'', or when one chore said ''to finish the Void III'', which is a well known joke (and request) within the CC...

SBC's jokes and punchlines were great in this, as were his wild face expressions!
i also liked the final scene with the car, it was great!

all in all, this was a superb movie with beautiful visuals, smooth animation and great jokes in it. (solid humour)
keep up the good work, keep making great movies like this, and have a happy clockday!

Nice try, but screwdriver's a chick, as established in the original manga.

All hail StrawberryClock! A truly caring king.

Strawberry Clock sure knows how to cheer up his people! Great stuff!

this movie made me feel not depressed