Chuck's Devils: Part One

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Chuck's Devils is a comic series starring three aspiring models turned thieves. The young women are based on caricatures from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, but each has a unique twist:

- Candace, the funky disco queen and technical genius.

- Lily, the sweet hippie practicing chastity and sobriety.

- Yu-Ri, the tough southern belle from South Korea.

While initially reluctant, the social outcasts decide to join a thievery ring run by the shadowy Chuck. Throughout the series, the misfit minions stumble through their new life of crime, as well as life with each other.

I've spent the past two years making the twelve episodes and 108 pages that comprise Part One of the story. I hope you'll check it out and read future installments at: http://www.chucksdevils.com

Art/Animation by Mazeguy: http://www.mazeguy.net

Voice-over by Jtastic: https://twitter.com/JtasticVA

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