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Made in under 72 hours for ludumdare 41.

You should be able to play against another person when a controller is plugged in though haven't gotten to test.

If it works let me know and thanks for playing! ;D

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I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing. No instructions at all?

voxeledphoton responds:

I tried making it apparent with the gameplay itself. The game is pretty short so thought it would be faster for the player to just jump in a game and see what happens. I personally wouldn't like to get shot by arrows so that part should be pretty intuitive to avoid. I do understand though that the circle card isn't too apparent of what it does until you see the AI use it and collect your arrows and return cards to their hand. Hope you understand it a bit more to enjoy it, thanks for playing ♥

Really fun! Very unfair though when the opponent's hand would go offscreen trying to avoid your arrows. I didn't quite understand some of the mechanics though. If you had an arrow card, you would shoot. If you had a circle card, then you would be able to block(?). The opponent also seems to be able to block my arrows without having a circle card and get some cards back which I didn't really understand. I'm guessing that if you block an arrow, you get a card or a few cards back.

I think this would make a fun multiplayer game to go against others online.

voxeledphoton responds:

Thanks for the awesome review! You're pretty much right with the block mechanic, if you use a block card then you can collect arrows being used against you to get cards back to your hand. It would definitely be neat if I could get multiplayer with other people online working, I'll have to look into that. I did realize the AI was a bit unbalanced but glad I got it somewhat working within the time limit. I'm genuinely glad you enjoyed it ♥