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Super Cosmic Land

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"In this adventure, you are "Fierce" the self-proclaimed "Bandit King" who has just pulled of a heist and is basking in his stolen treasure on a remote planet from far, far away.

As he is reveling in his spoils, he is suddenly struck from the skies by a mysterious blot of darkness who also makes off with his treasure!

Help Fierce retrieve the treasure that he rightfully stole and find out who is behind this sudden theft of a thief!"


Run, Jump and Blast through over 20 levels of platforming challenge as you collect as many treasure as possible while reaching the goal!

Take to the skies in your very own rocket-ship (that you stole) and shoot down the freaky monsters of the world! 

Ride a "Mine-Kart" down dangerous tracks to reach the boss towers and challenge their guardians!

Use your trusty "Bandit-Bombs" and take down the 9 Bosses that dwell in Super Cosmic Land!

There are no lives! keep on fighting and compete to have the most treasure and become the greatest bandit ever!





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It looks like you mixed Super Mario Land 3 the Gameboy game with a little touch of Bomberman the classic NES game. The graphics have that old school feel. The platforming aspect gave me some slowdowns. The lag was really ruing the game's fun.

me recuerda a mario land

A truly beautiful homage to the gameboys of yesteryear. It reminded me so of Super Wario: Super Mario Land 3, that I felt like getting the old cartridge out again

love the SMB2 references. Old school!

Fiercetempest92 responds:

SMB2 deserves more love. Thanks!

Very impressive and stylish platformer! Game has a really professional and smooth feel to it with tons of small details and touches to practically everything, along with some great overall art, sound and music! So far I've played all the way to the first boss and had a nice time with it, with the boss being actually a bit challenging to fight at first due to the long fuse time on bombs. I do like how the game doesn't bother with lives: helps keep the pace up. Sometimes the game can be a bit overly detailed at times though, haha: I found that a lot of the signage and pick-ups, which should be important, were very difficult to notice since they are so small and don't pop out from the rest of the art, especially since you can't use colors to make them pop. Using the bombs are interesting but a bit too slow for my tastes (and annoying to die from friendly fire): they were so slow I ended up just running past everything as much as possible instead: might be better if your could throw them or they had a shorter fuse or something. Key doors/totems were a bit confusing as well, overcomplicating it: its like you pick up an object or don't and it activates a totem which signals that the door is open? It's a bit crazy that it doesn't seem to save your game: I was really looking forward to coming back and finish this after I saw that there were 6 places for boss trophies, but I can't do all of that in one sitting, haha!