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Tiny Rally: Turbo Tour

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Update 28/08/20: v1.1 Post-Jam now available!

Start your engines! It's time to race.

Tiny Rally: Turbo Tour is a small arcade rally racing game made for #LOWREZJAM2020.  


  • Nine different race tracks to compete on!
  • Three trophies to win and become the champ!
  • Multiple vehices to buy with with your winnings!
  • Tight and responsive driving controls!
  • Gamepad support!

Music by:

Of Far Different Nature [Licensed under CC-BY 4.0]


If you like the game, make sure to vote here:



CosmicCrystal <3

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Very fun game! I love the aesthetic and the controls feel ok for the most part.
Keybinds would be nice.
More stages too.
Very solid! Music is also pretty intense.

if you go to the right on the tutorial stage you can wedge you're self inbetwen a tire and a hay Bayle and brake the audio

Seems to have its heart in the right place and looks like it could be cool rally game, but unfortunately the controls just killed it for me. The cars just feel so bad to drive: they just cannot turn well at all and are so slow to accelerate that driving just turns into a tedious back and forth of stopping to 3-point turn even the slightest turn. The E-brake didn't seem to work at all for drifting, with the best way to use it being to tap-tap-tap it instead of just holding it down for some reason. Also, I'm not sure if its just me, but I think the controls for reversing are reversed? Maybe I just confused myself, I'm not sure, but whenever I reversed it went in the direction I wasn't expecting.

To be honest, I think the turning's just not responsive enough and there's barely enough camera room to make good judgments on when to turn.
Sorry mate, just not a fan of this one.

Level 3 is easier than level 2.

Also Hyperia is better than Ultimus.

Credits & Info

3.26 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2020
3:23 AM EDT