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Four Zone

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Made it to 100. At a certain point you realize your going to lose because you ran out of space to move meaningfully. Also the art style is very smooth and dull.
For longer playtime I suggest a wider board.
You could also segment the game in stages, adding colors to the generator each level. (Red, then on LV. 2 it's Red+Blue, Lv3 R+B+G. Etc.)
If you have the coding skills I suggest adding in power ups. Not like the ones in the candy crush type games, more like the system in Bloon Monkey.
Over all 2.5, look forward to an update.

FunBot responds:

Well done, my wife has made it to over 1000 and she keep asking me to install a high score chart.
I a few games on this 9x9 grid I have line 5 stones which is even harder but but less colours so it is easier - I have tried a larger board but it can go on forever - I have a version called wrap zone where your row can cross the board to the other side and another where there is a wild card stone. This is quite a skill full game because you have to decide where to take the stones from check to stone that are coming next, so I will upload some other versions. Have you tried colour crunch https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/759284 that will really confuse you, the idea is to get as many high bricks on the board as possible. Thank you MEDALGIT for your observations and the 2.5 votes, it all helps improve - I guess I need to get my head around the newgrounds highscore API

becomes impossible after 70 points and music is annoying

FunBot responds:

My wife has scored over 1000 - there is a button to mute the music