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Finn and Jake's Deathbed

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Another sad day for the cartoon world. Better luck next time, CN.


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:( its sad

Good news... I revived Finn and Jake and banned deathbed videos outside the U.S.
Who will stop me now?

Death Bed Vids aren't funny anymore...And weren't that funny to begin with.

On top of that, This was made 2 YEARS after the show ended! This isn't Being late to the party, Here it's arriving after the Building in which the party was held was sold

Edit: Dear Ollytobblez, What the hell Does my Fanart have to do with anything? Antoons vid has to deal with how a show went though rot...back in 2014. 6 years ago.
My fanart was just...well fanart. There was nothing to really date it at all.
This isn't about him using a show that ended, this is about him complaining about something that was already fix'd.

It may be "His choice" but it's still a poor choice.

Plus, This guy is legit racist. You shouldn't be working with him...Just saying

Ollytobblez responds:

Okay man? No one mentioned your spongebob and fin art was outdated? It’s this guys choice to upload it. Let him

Excellent work, as usual.