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Thousand Days Later: Remake. Demo-version

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Author Comments

Our second try to make a proper visual novel. Ren'Py web engine is still on beta, so the game is laggy and we had to cut off music and art gallery. Better go for the downloadable version.


Unofficial sequel of "Crusoe had it easy..." by Marble Syrup.

Forgotten island in the middle of the ocean. Paradise for common man, prison for victim of a plane crash, and home - for Jack, who lives here almost three years. Every night he sees the same dream. A nightmare of a horror, which happened thousand days ago...

Languages: English, Russian.

Downloadable version is here.

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This game is really cool, to me this game along with the previous version and the original game really stood out. I felt like it was a very interesting story. I got to give you credit for taking the most messed up ending and continuing it though I find it odd that in the previous version the protagonist is apologetic while in this one he is also angry. There is just something really tragic and beautiful about this overall story, it evokes so many emotions. I didn't like that there was just three endings and was hoping there was a "redemption" ending as I am curious to see what that would be like.

In terms of the visuals, it is a big upgrade from the previous version. The change I am kind of on the fence on is the addition of the imaginary characters but I kind of understand the meaning behind them and in a way adds to the tragedy especially with the "fatalism" ending.

I think that there needs to be some better English translation of the script though and changes here and there as it occasionally makes no sense. I am not sure what sort of route you are going for a possible "redemption" route but one idea that I had either he does like the previous version and lets her go in the "Robinson" ending and then someone else comes along or some sort of threat emerges and he sacrifices himself to protect her. Just some ideas for you lol. I just think the concept of redemption is a tricky thing and it seems to me the primary goal of the story. I like to think that Asuna is not just some random figment of Jack's imagination but maybe something he saw somewhere in a magazine that washed ashore, would be interesting to see the real Asuna wash ashore and Jack have another chance at redemption. Regardless where this story goes, I would like to see where you guys take this story. Best wishes.

Is it only possible to get one ending?

NS-Studio responds:

No, there are 3 of them: "Anger", "Fear" and "Fatalism".

I'm guessing english is not your first language? If you're asking for patreon money, I highly recommend investing in a proper translator. Your current dialogue is very jarring. I understand what is trying to be said, but it's said in ways no person would ever say them.

Unfortunately, I can't say much about the rest of the game. I saved and then when I reloaded, the game broke and won't let me load. Based on some other comments, it seems this game has a cool twist and touches on some rather heavy themes. I would have liked to experience that, but it seems that's not gonna happen with the current build.

Maybe I'll come back when you release a more stable version. As it is, good luck out there.

NS-Studio responds:

Considering saves - the web-version of the engine still fresh, so it can fail. However, I think it is not supposed to keep your saved game if your browser cleans cash. If you don't mind downloading 600 MB you can go for offline build which has shown no porblems up to date and has more content (just click the itch.io button in the main menu).

About language... Professional translation requires A LOT of money, which we don't yet have. So it works the opposite way - if we have enough patrons, we will order a translation. But on this stage of development we have other priorities.

You really should put a non-con/rape warning on this game. People need to know that in advance before playing a game that could trigger them/bring up trauma. Especially if the game is going to make the rapist seem like a victim who is 'so sorry,' it's essentially the narrative of a rapist apologist. I think the idea he has "done his time" is horrible, there is never an excuse for rape and when handling such a traumatic, sensitive topic you need to be more empathetic to victims of sexual assault by not making rapists seem redeemable. There is no forgiveness, there should be no forgiveness, rapists do not deserve to be main characters painted as poor souls who "couldn't help it, but they're a good person!" I think that having that narrative as a cornerstone of your plot is incredibly insensitive to victims. It feels like you are fetishizing rape, which is incredibly vile and dehumanizing to victims.

Beyond just handling sexual assault incorrectly, there are many corrections this game should address, like the spelling and grammar mistakes, long unneeded paragraphs that distract and slow down gameplay, inconsistencies in the characters before being revealed as being figments of his imagination and after that being addressed, like them starting to randomly pop up afterwards,but not before, the random (and badly explained) switching of the cousin looks to match the real girl's, but then reverting to the previous state in cut scenes. There's just a lot of technical and moral issues.

If I was you I would massively alter the script to not be so repugnant, irresponsible and callous, as well as editing the mistakes and inconsistencies.

I kinda like the first one

NS-Studio responds:

We'd be really glad if you'd write us (in PM) what can we improve up to your opinion.

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2020
5:19 AM EDT
  • RenPyWeb